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Get Perfect Bathroom Vanity Top

Vanity cabinets are the central point of your bathroom, and they describe the entire bathing area. However, selecting bathroom vanities can be challenging since there are various options.  

So, to get the appropriate vanity top, you must have a thorough understanding of different vanity top materials. Taking this approach will ensure you get a vanity top that perfectly blends with your needs and style. 

Want to remodel your bathroom space as per the look of your interior? Here are a few Inspiring Quartz Bathroom Vanity Styles, that suits every interior. Read on this blog to know about them.

Reading on, we have created a specific guide for you to make your bathroom a luxurious space. Let’s begin. 

Methods To Remodel Your Restroom Space With Bathroom Vanity Top’s

1. Measure The Space Available In Your Bathroom

Before constructing or remodeling your bathroom space, you should consider these points. 

A. Vanity Dimensions

The size of the bathroom and its dimensions with the doors and drawers open must be determined before installing the bathroom vanity top. Then measure the space you had allocated for installing the bathroom vanity. The selected vanity top’s should adequately fit into the area and should not disrupt the traffic flow or hinder access to other elements like mirrors, electrical switches, and outlets. You should check the storage while completing the entire set. 

B. Plumbing Location

The bathroom vanity connects the sink and faucet to the water lines. So, the new vanity should have an open area to fit around the supply pipes and hoses, without cutting off any regular operation. 

If you plan to reroute the plumbing, the vanity must fit in the space near and surrounding those pipes, as this would add to your cost. It will be cheaper if you work with the existing layout, as you won’t have to hire a contractor to redirect the water lines. 

C. Countertops

Now, it’s time to measure the height of your bathroom vanity top’s from the floor. This measurement depends on the person who will use the bathroom vanity. It is advisable to keep the width of vanity tops at around 1 inch wider than that of vanity cabinets. 

2. Select Different Styles of Bathroom Vanities

Selecting a vanity will be a difficult task for many as there are multiple styles of vanity cabinets available. Here, we make your work easier in finding the most suitable bathroom vanity top’s that complements your space. 

Explore our wide collection of bathroom vanities that are available to suit every type of lifestyle.

A. Modern Bathroom Vanities

Looking for modern bathroom vanity? Imperial Vanities presents you with its fabricated range of vanity tops, that are easy to install. We offer a wide range of modern and contemporary vanities that are most suitable to use for any space, including master bathrooms, kid’s, guest, and power rooms bathrooms. Imperial Marquina and Calacatta Verona Quartz are the ones that give your bathroom a modern look. 

Imperial Marquina Quartz

B. Traditional Bathroom Vanities

A traditional vanity can add convenience, comfort, and attractiveness to your bathroom while maintaining a classic design that will never fall out of style. Regal White and Yukon Crema quartz from Imperial Vanities are such stones that give your bathroom a classic look that is loved by all. 

C. Transitional Bathroom Vanities 

When bathroom vanity tops are combined from one era with another, this is known as Transitional. However, the design elements are from adjacent eras where one prevalent design and decoration began to give way to another. A flawless transitional bathroom look can be created with the Winter White quartz vanities from Imperial Vanities.  


Winter White Quartz Vanity Top

D. Rustic Bathroom Vanities

The Rustic Bathroom Vanity top’s will feature organic textures and natural wood tones. The most popular material for making rustic vanities is re-purposed furniture or salvaged wood. With Imperial Vanities, you can choose Rafael Beige or Crystal Beige quartz for your bathroom vanities. 

3. Choose Colors And Finishes Available With Imperial  

With Imperial Vanities, you are assured to get bathroom vanities that feature several color schemes like white, black, neutral, monochromatic, and analogous. Explore our color series like  Mirage series and Aria series only at Imperial Vanities.

Confused about which option to go for, while looking for reliable bathroom vanities. Here’s with Imperial Vanities, you get a genuine solution to choose some of the best bathroom vanity tops to remodel your space. Explore this blog to know about them. 

Imperial Vanities – A Leading Bathroom Vanity Top Supplier  

Personalizing and redesigning your vanity with Imperial Vanities will embrace your bathroom appearance. Imperial Vanities is one of the leading suppliers of bathroom vanities that 

combine the essence of nature with technology to give your bathroom a classic yet subtle look. 

Engineered quartz with lavish surfaces and fine finishes will serve as the best material option for your bathroom vanity.  So, get ready to transform your bathroom space with Imperial Vanities now.

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    We are Happy to help you!