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_Black granite for Kitchen Countertops

The rising craze of using black granite for kitchen countertops seems never-ending. For example, black countertops are becoming people’s first preference because of their high-definition look, whether you go for a matte or glossy finish. In addition, people who love an organized kitchen and eliminating all unhealthy and untidy practices also prefer using black countertops in their kitchen. Let us see what are the other advantages of using black granite slabs in the kitchen.

Black Granite for Kitchen Countertops – Best Choice for Remodeling

Whenever anyone thinks of remodeling or renovating their kitchen, they go for granite slabs as their first preference. Have you ever thought about why? The answer is not that difficult. There are several advantages of using black granite for kitchen countertops. Some of them are –

1. Durability

Granite is a highly durable material. This means that frequent wear and tears are less likely to happen in a normal working kitchen. So once you spend generously on installing the best granite slabs like Black Pearl Granite, they will last for years.

Black granite slabs by Imperial Vanities

2. Resistance

Any kitchen witnesses primarily two things – heat and wetness. Granite is a high heat and water-resistant material which is why it is preferable for most customers. 

3. Easy to clean

This point is highly beneficial for anyone who cooks. Easy cleaning and stain removal are the first priority. Granites do not require regressive cleaning products and procedures. Just wipe the surface using a damp cloth, and you are done!

4. Versatility

The best feature is the versatility of granites with any color cabinetry. Especially, if you are installing Black Pearl Granite. You will have the freedom to design and customize your kitchen cabinetry with the colors of your choice. 

Kitchen Cabinetries That Go Well With Black Pearl Granite –

If you are a typical designer and want your kitchen to be one of a kind. You must have a pre-designed theme in your mind that you want to be implemented in your kitchen. Well, needless to say, black is such a color that matches almost all of its complementaries. Still, let us give you an idea of which cabinetries go best with black coloured countertops. 

  1. Pastel colors – If you are a fan of light, classy colors, and nude shade themes. You can choose pastel-colored cabinetries like pink, mauve, silver, violet, etc. 
  2. White color – The combination of black and white color is not a new thing. However, the exact shade of black and white colors used can create a style statement for you. 
  3. Bright colors – You can use brightly coloured kitchen cabinetries like golden, orange, blue, etc. that will bring immense vibrancy and energy to your kitchen. In fact, if the overall theme of your house supports this combination, black granite for the kitchen countertop accompanied by brightly colored cabinetry will certainly make your apartment one of a kind.
  4. Earthly colors – If you have flora and fauna in your house, you might be interested in pairing the black granite with earthly shades like light brown, wooden, light or mint green, etc. 

If you have any confusion pairing this black granite with your kitchen cabinetries, consult the right experts and take advice from a well-known black granite manufacturer – Imperial Vanities.

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Features of Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl Granite is made up of dazzling black colour embedded within. You can find this stone with elegant flecks and colours.You can further polish this elegant granite slab, making it either glossy or matte. The effect and sophistication that the black granite slab brings to your kitchen are beyond imagination. In addition, if you consult with a black granite supplier like Imperial Vanities, you will find slabs that will accentuate your kitchen interiors.

Imperial Vanities is one of the well-known manufacturers of granites and serves a huge collection of natural stones like marble and granite, along with its exquisite collection of Quartz Slabs. Moreover, homeowners mainly prefer Imperial Vanities’ ready-to-install quartz kitchen countertops and vanity tops for remodeling or renovating projects because they make the installation easy. Connect with the experts to know about our stone collection in much detail.

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    We are Happy to help you!