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Calacatta Oslina Quartz

Calacatta Oslina

Calacatta Oslina Quartz Specifications

Stone Series Aria
Slab Sizes 127 x 64” & 137 x 76”
Thicknesses 2cm & 3cm
Finishes Polished
Application Area Kitchen Countertops, Vanity Tops, Backsplashes, Wall Cladding, Flooring, Staircase

Calacatta Oslina Quartz Description

Calacatta Oslina quartz is one of the finest quartz surfaces that leaves a mesmerizing impression on everyone. It has a cool white background interfered with bold and striking grey-colored veinings. Its dramatic features and appealing look make it among the top-rated varieties of Calacatta quartz. For anyone who wants to create a dreamy and designer-level interior decor, especially for the kitchen or bathroom area, Calacatta Oslina is their ideal choice. Its beauty and durability are complemented even more by its non-porosity features. Such high-quality features make Calacatta Oslina quartz the most practical stone variety for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Plus, it does not require a sealant or any hard and fast maintenance as compared to other stones. So, Calacatta Oslina quartz does not allow bacterial or fungal growth, which is otherwise quite common in bathrooms and kitchens. If you choose Calacatta Oslina to renovate your living spaces, it would be a one-time investment and the beauty of the stone remains for a long time.

Calacatta Oslina

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