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Calacatta Tree Quartz

Calacatta Tree

Calacatta Tree Quartz Specifications

Stone Series Aria
Slab Sizes 127 x 64” & 137 x 76”
Thicknesses 2cm & 3cm
Finishes Polished
Application Area Kitchen Countertops, Vanity Tops, Backsplashes, Wall Cladding, Flooring, Staircase

Calacatta Tree Quartz Description

The Calacatta Tree quartz is a great pick for homeowners who want a neutral but attractive aesthetic appeal in their houses. Being a supplier of Calacatta quartz, Imperial Vanities supplies this stunning white shade quartz with intense greyish veinings creating a root-like structure of a tree, hence clear by the name. People love to incorporate this gorgeous stone into their kitchens and bathrooms, both in homes and work spaces. Such dramatic stone makes the best kitchen islands, backsplashes, and bathroom vanity tops. Its durability and easy maintenance add up to its beauty. 

Furthermore, its eye-catching details make it a showstopper among other Calacatta quartz surfaces. Choosing Calacatta Tree quartz for your kitchen countertops or waterfall island would help you steal your guest’s hearts. Besides its innate standout nature, combining it with wooden kitchen cabinets further accentuates the appealing features of Calacatta Tree quartz. No matter where you’re planning to install this marvelous piece of stone, it certainly won’t let you down. Enquire about the quality stones at Imperial vanities today.

Calacatta Tree

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