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Carrara Quartz Countertops For Beautiful Interior (1)

Carrara Quartz Countertops and Calacatta Quartz for Interiror

Kitchen countertops are the essence of modern kitchens, and quartz has made its way to the top today. So, if you are also considering quartz to renovate your kitchen but are somewhat confused, then you have landed at the right place. We have come up with Calacatta and Carrara quartz countertops that can uplift the vibe of your kitchen instantly.

They have simple yet elegant designs, which come in a white shade paired with some stunning veinings. The quartz countertops are in great demand due to their ability to mimic marble with better functionality. Keep reading further to find more about Calcatta and Carrara countertops and how they can transform your kitchen interior. 

Carrara Quartz Design Options For Kitchen

Carrara quartz kitchen countertops come in a subtle white shade with a blue-greyish tint. Also, the stunning fine veinings act as a cherry on the top, giving it a gorgeous look. Its resemblance to marble, that too at a comparably low cost, makes it a sought-after construction material. 

Further, a quartz countertops manufacturer combines the blended natural quartz crystals with resins in about  90/10 ratio to develop any Carrara design. It results in more durable and stronger kitchen countertops, which gives it a competitive edge over marble or granite tops. 

Imperial Vanities is a leading quartz countertops supplier, where you can find several options of Carrara designs, that helps to enhance the look of your interior. There is a Diverse Range Of Carrara Quartz available, check this blog in detail to know. Not only Carrara, but Calacatta also has a wide range of options available, read on to know 

Calacatta Quartz Design Options For Kitchen  

Unlike Carrara quartz countertops, Calacatta has a clear white backdrop and a distinct, bold veining. It gives an even more eye-catching appeal to the kitchen countertops. All in all, it adds a graceful outlook and complements well to almost every kitchen theme.

If you go with the elegant designs of Calacatta countertops, your kitchen can never go unnoticed. It adds a luxurious touch to your kitchen and its surrounding rooms. Furthermore, with Calacatta quartz, you can have all the feel of marble countertops, excluding all its cons. 

Installing quartz countertops in the kitchen is the most practical choice as it is easy to clean and maintain. Hence, uplift the vibe of your kitchen by simply choosing the best quartz countertops supplier, who you can trust in terms of quality, price, and customer satisfaction.

So, now it’s time to explore the variety of Calacatta and Carrara quartz countertops that you can find at Imperial Vanities. 

1. Calacatta Nueo

Our impressive collection of prefabricated quartz countertops includes the classy Calacatta Nueo, which is in equally great demand as Carrara quartz countertops. You can find it in a unique opaque white creamy shade with a thick grey-colored veining. 

Creative interior designers and architects recommend it for embellishing kitchen countertops. Calacatta Nueo is surprisingly famous for waterfall kitchen island tops providing a contemporary setting. You can buy it in customized finishes and sizes from Imperial Vanities.

Calacatta Nueo Quartz

2. Calacatta Verona

Another fascinating option that you can find in Calacatta quartz includes Calacatta Verona. Its white base combined with subtle veinings gives a modern look when installed in residential or commercial spaces.

Every quartz countertops manufacturer will suggest to you this as one of their top recommendations to have practical yet manageable kitchen or bathroom vanity tops. You can also buy this perfect-to-go countertop for your next renovation project from here.

3. Carrara White

For the dark-toned backsplash of your kitchen, Carrara white quartz countertops are the most suitable option. Its white base and smokey grey veins give a grandeur impression that can steal your guests’ hearts. The Carrara White is also a good choice for flooring or bathroom vanity. The serene white color of Carrara quartz countertops makes the place even brighter due to its ability to reflect light vividly. 

4. Carrara Marmi

Among Carrara quartz countertops, Marmi aces quite well. People prefer to install it both in residential and commercial settings. Besides kitchen countertops, it is good to go with bath vanity tops or kitchen backsplashes. With features like stain or water resistance, non-porous, and minimum maintenance, Carrara Marmi quartz is all set to rock your kitchen’s decor. So, it is also available in our unique and customizable options.

5. Carrara Dark

Carrara Dark Quartz

With Carrara quartz countertops, you can hardly find any differentiation from marble. And with variety like Carrara Dark, you get an aesthetically pleasing and appealing interior decor. 

Pairing these quartz countertops with bold aesthetics will glorify your overall space. 

Imperial Vanities Has A Wide Range of Carrara and Calcatta Quartz

As you have read now how these quartz countertops can embellish your kitchen settings, you don’t have to look further. Our Carrara quartz countertops are breathtaking in terms of quality, color, or stunning patterns.

Being a premium supplier of quartz countertops, we have got you all covered. So, if you are planning to install the Carrara quartz countertops or any other variety, contact us now. As we are the leading Exporters and Manufacturer of Quartz Countertops

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