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Best bathroom vanity tops

Bathroom vanity tops serve the important function of bringing together the aesthetics and practical functions of your bathroom. They are a crucial functional addition to any modern bathroom and also very useful in setting the tone for the ambiance of your bathroom quite effectively. The perfect vanity top for your bathroom should be durable, non-porous, easy to clean, and elegant– complementing the overall surrounding of your bathroom interior.

Most homeowners spend a lot of time choosing cabinets and kitchen countertops. However, they forget about bathroom countertops. If you make the same mistake, you might regret it. This blog looks at the different vanity choices and points out things you need to consider before choosing the best vanity tops for your bathroom.

Determine The Right Dimensions or Size

The size of your vanity top greatly affects the look and feel of a bathroom remodel. Because each bathroom remodels can be different, measuring your bathroom vanity first is a must. After that, you’ll have access to a wide range of vanity tops from which you’ll have to choose one that will work best for the overall design of your space.

Choose The Material Wisely

Bathroom Vanity Tops need to be durable and long-lasting. Many people make the mistake of choosing less practical materials because they think they look cool – but this isn’t advisable as you don’t want to end up needing to replace these aesthetics after a short period of time! It’s important that your bathroom is finished correctly with appealing custom designs to match, but it should also stand the test of time through heavy use and exposure to chemicals like bleach during cleaning. Bathroom vanity countertops can be made from a variety of different materials.

Some may be luxury and others affordable. Some may be built to last and others may just be simple. There are plenty of options available in the market today when it comes to picking them for fabricating vanity tops for the bathroom. Natural stones and artificial stones come on the top of the list. Each of them has there own pros and cons.

However, Quartz has managed to become the number one stone for bathroom vanity tops this very day. It comes second to none when it comes to choosing which material is best for bath counters. A lot of people overlook them because quartz stones are made artificially. So people tend to think they are inferior, but it’s far from the truth. Quartz is more solid than granite and marble – it’s very hard so no worries about water absorption or blemishes! There are various ways in which quartz has managed to outshine its counterparts, stone materials being one of the primary reasons.

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding Vanity Tops: Which One To Prefer?

Vanity tops for the bathroom come in two styles, freestanding and wall-mounted. The type of vanity you choose will depend on the overall size of your bathroom. If you have a master bathroom then a freestanding style is a great option. Since it will take up a larger amount of space and create a memorable impact on your overall décor. If you have a delicate bathroom then go for a wall-. Mounted vanity with a top will give the illusion of more space since the plumbing system is not taken into account when looking at the vanity itself.

wall mounted and freestanding vanity tops

Complement Other Lighting and Fixture Elements

Bathroom countertops serve as the deciding piece in your remodel. They act as the focal point of your space, which makes fixtures an important factor when renovating. Rear recessed lighting on your vanity mirror spreads brightness to the bathroom area. While multiple showerheads with chic metallic finish add function to your small shower area.

bathroom vanity tops supplier imperial vanities

Looking For A Reliable Supplier For Bathroom Vanity Tops

Bathroom Vanity Tops are an excellent choice for your bathroom remodeling project. When searching to find the right design for your bathroom. Look no further than our collection of vanity tops made from engineered stones. With reasonable prices to match any budget. You can splurge on sophistication and modernity for both your master bath and powder room or guest bathrooms. Imperial Vanities is one of the best destinations for all your quartz vanity tops requirements. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we may assist you further in creating the ideal bathroom vanity tops to meet your unique needs!

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