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Reception Counterrtop

The reception counter area is the first place people see when they step foot in your company’s door. It is a representation of your business and a gateway to the culture that sits behind it. If you want your customers to really feel valued and appreciated, then don’t skimp on this important space.  A quality design with elegant materials can make for a great first impression.

At the same time, the quartz reception counters utilized in such areas will probably never need to be replaced! Quartz have their advantages like being easy to clean and also featuring excellent durability that helps anything placed upon it remain unblemished and beautiful for many years into the future! Quartz has a wide range of uses, from offices to retail outlets. The material is suitable for all kinds of businesses, from high tech to more traditional professions. Quartz Reception counters are ideal for offices, hotels, or any other business venture. 

Why Quartz Is Considered To Be The Best Material For Reception Counter?

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral (after feldspar) and makes up about 12% of the Earth’s crust. It is widely distributed and can be found in nearly all geological environments. It explores the beauty, versatility, and many practical uses of quartz – from its history to its modern-day applications. From countertops and kitchen sinks to watches and wristwatches, quartz is a key ingredient in some of our most important products and helps to keep us on time.

Advantages of Quartz, making it a first choice for the reception counter

Luxurious Finish

Owing to its unrivaled properties, quartz is the preferred material in creating luxurious hotel lobbies and reception areas. The captivating sheen of the surface or the cool touch of polished stone can immediately create an upscale feel. Quartz can enhance the vibe of any high-design space because it’s both beautiful and durable. Its resistance to staining makes it ideal for public spaces where germs are always a concern, while its ease of upkeep means that guests will enjoy a spotless surface at all times. 

Easy To Maintain

Quartz is the most hygienic and easy to maintain. Unlike other materials, they have no pores or surface cavities that can trap dirt and bacteria. They don’t need sealing, buffing, polishing, or resealing since they’re nonporous and impervious to liquids and foods. And daily maintenance couldn’t be any easier-just wipe them down with a wet sponge and mild soap for daily cleaning.

Suits Different Designs

Quartz is a dream come true for architects and designers because it offers a wide range of styles that can fit into any design. Quartz is a great choice for your reception counters and other high-traffic areas, as it is the most durable material available. It has a high resistance to heat and scratches and can be made to look like any kind of stone, which means it will complement almost any design style.

Best Design Ideas To Enhance The Look Of Reception Area

Eco-friendly design

Quartz’s colour and texture evoke the natural beauty of stone, but its environmental friendliness sets it apart. It is 100% natural, the most durable material on earth. its high resistance to heat, impact, abrasion and chemicals make it an ideal stone for any usage. That’s why we offer Rafael Beige, Brown star, and Emerald Star for your eco-friendly needs. With our selection, we help architects design projects that are not only sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Appealing White Design

White is a colour that gives a feeling of cleanliness, purity, and calmness to the viewer. It also has a soothing effect which makes it great for areas where people gather. White quartz is the perfect blend of luxury and modern looks for your interiors. If you are looking for a pure white, have a look at our new collection – Regal White – designed to bring maximum purity and charm to the spaces it adorns. In case you demand more richness, our Frost White or Intense White will be perfect for your reception desk.

Let’s Make It A Bold Design

Every surface in this entryway is enhanced by the bold splashes of colour that are made possible with quartz – from the floor to the wall to the backsplash. This helps in adding depth and texture to the reception counters or any other area. Imperial Marquina, Burgandy Star, Borosil Blue, and Piatra Grey are quartz surfaces that offer great design possibilities. The dark colour of the quartz paired with the deep wood adds a luxurious, welcoming feeling to this space.

Craft Your Perfect Reception Counter With Imperial Vanities

Imperial Vanities is a leading quartz countertops manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. We specialize in providing luxurious Quartz counters for the reception area that adds value to your commercial space. A vast range of high-end Quartz countertops Antico cloud, Titan Bristal, Fierso Star, Crystal Beige slabs are available at competitive prices. Make your business shine in modern business centers or commercial spaces by installing luxury quartz countertops at reception desks.

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    We are Happy to help you!