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Granite Slabs for Kitchen Countertops

While thinking of revamping the kitchen space, homeowners might come up with different creative and innovative ideas. But, one idea that is common among most designers and homeowners, is to use granite slabs for kitchen countertops. Primarily, this is because granite slabs have innumerable and immeasurable benefits over any other stone slab, but another factor that keeps granite slabs in the number one position is the designs and patterns that come along with them. In this blog, we will discuss a few must-have granite slabs for kitchen countertops, and the best place to find them.

Why is Granite A Popular Kitchen Countertop?

Before we go deeper to discuss the best granite slabs to be used for kitchen countertops and vanity tops, let us understand why granite slabs are usually preferred by many people. Granite suppliers in India have a wide range of granite slabs on their racks. Why is that so?

The ideal kitchen should be cozy, practical, well-designed, and long-lasting. And the item that comes to mind when we discuss durability is the kitchen countertop. A popular kitchen top can extend the longevity of your kitchen in addition to improving its appearance. Granite is a no-brainer if you’re building or remodeling your countertops. Here we explain why granite countertops will continue to dominate the kitchen countertop industry for many years to come. Granite countertops have always been the best option for kitchens.

  1. They are extremely aesthetic. This means when we have a kitchen with granite countertops, customization can be made. The idea of your ‘ideal kitchen’ can only come true if you purchase the right granite slab for your kitchen. 
  2. The granite slabs are highly durable and long-lasting. This means that you won’t have to suffer monetary losses by repeatedly changing the slabs. They are durable and resist heat and water like no other stone.
  3. The maintenance procedure for granite slab can be defined in three simple words – NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED. This means that you do not have to indulge in buying fancy soaps or detergents to clean the granite countertops. Keep a damp cloth and a little soap handy, to get the cleaning done. 

The Best Granite Slabs for Kitchen Countertops – 

 Imperial Vanities have some of the best and the most popular kitchen countertops in store for you. However, you always have the liberty to choose your ideal kitchen countertop – the one of your choice, but if you want to stay on top of the trend, you can go for these 3 stone slabs in particular –

1. Astorio Granite Slabs for Kitchen Countertops

Durable Astorio Granite is a natural stone with a rich cream backdrop having brown and grey textures and veins. Even in subzero temperatures, this hardy slab granite is advised for use as interior and exterior landscaping, worktops, backsplashes, and other features. Since Imperial Vanities is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of granites, they have this beautiful stone in abundance for your needs.

Astorio Granite Slabs

2. Steel Grey Granite 

Imperial Vanities’s Steel Grey granite is a low variation, long-lasting stone with a grey backdrop having flakes of lighter grey and colours of grey throughout. Steel Grey granite, a highly sought-after Indian granite, has a dense-graded, dark grey gabbro with a backdrop that ranges from dark grey to black/brown with sporadic smaller and lighter grey crystals. 

Steel Grey Granite slabs

3. Viscon White Granite Slabs for Kitchen Countertops

Viscon White Granite has a white backdrop with waves of the grey color. When used as wall cladding, floors, countertops, or tabletops, Viscon Granite designs appear quite exotic. The Viscon White Granite is a stylish white granite that is an excellent option for homeowners and builders. Both internal and exterior uses are appropriate for Viscon Granite.

Viscon White Granite Slabs

Along with the beautiful granite slabs, Imperial Vanities have a huge collection of Marble slabs as well to explore in the natural stone industry. Not only natural stones but Imperial Vanities has popularly established itself in Quartz Industry and is a leading supplier of Quartz Slabs in Canada, the USA, and other countries. 
Thus, whenever you are looking forward to redecorating your kitchen interiors, you must go for granite slabs for kitchen countertops, and that too, when you have got the best deals from a reliable and trustworthy granite supplier like Imperial Vanities. Happy Decorating! Contact us to know more

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    We are Happy to help you!