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Despite the time you may spend at work, or how often you go out on visits, all roads always lead to home. Given how important the home is, it is only right that it looks good aesthetically. Having a well-decorated house makes it easier for you to relax and to make your home gatherings more fun. One way to do this is by keeping up with the latest home design trends.

Home décor practices are evolving. There are new trends and modern ways to make your home look beautiful and inviting. Here are some home design trends that will take you into the new year with a stylish, modern home. 

Embrace Nature for Home Design Trends

With increasing awareness of environmental preservation, more sustainable choices are being made. This also reflects in home design trends. Natural materials are gradually replacing synthetic, environmentally harmful materials in the home. What better way to embrace this than to use quartz stone? Quartz is a natural stone and can be used in your home as flooring, wall tiles, kitchen countertops, and more. 

Also, elements of nature are making their way into home décor. Images of animals and flowers, floral prints, and even living flowers are used as modern decorative pieces. 

This is one of those home design trends that you should definitely embrace. One way you could do this is by going green — literally. Incorporate a touch of nature with the green Emerald Star quartz stone. And that’s one you can get from the top quartz exporters in India.

A Sense of Luxury

This one of those home design trends which reflects the desire of most people to own luxury homes. This trend incorporates velvet upholstery, lots of space, noble colors, etc. But you don’t have to be royalty or break the bank to make your home look luxurious. 

To hop on this trend, you can place several mirrors around your home to make your space look larger. 

Also, quartz counters effortlessly add luxury to your home without blowing up your budget. Consider a rich color of quartz like the Satuario to add a luxurious touch of serene white to your home. 

Bright Colours

The use of bright, playful colors and rich color palettes is a big part of modern home design trends. Many Quartz suppliers in India and abroad have made available several colors of quartz stones you can choose from.

For a beautiful yellow to brighten up any space, go for the Alphanso Star Quartz stone. Or the Tuscany Red stone for a splash of red in your kitchen interior. 

A Personal Touch

Home design trends will continue to evolve, and new additions will arrive. But one thing that will never go out of style is your personal preference. From the color scheme to the decorations and furniture, your home décor should reflect your taste. 

Quartz comes in very handy in reflecting your taste. Whether for your fireplaces, floor tiles, countertops, etc., you can choose from several colors and patterns to reflect your style. Or you can choose a neutral color of quartz like the Imperial Marquina or Desert Tan stones. 

Distinctive Walls for Home Design Trends

Gone are the days when paint or wallpaper were your best options for wall coverings. Now, home design trends embrace more adventurous materials. 

Incorporate this trend with quartz tiles or prefab quartz counters. You should be able to get any of these from top quartz dealers in the USA & Canada. These tiles are sure to add a unique look to your home with their beautiful patterns.

Whichever home design trend you choose to adopt, keep this in mind. What’s most important is that your home is a comfortable environment for you and your family. And when you use quartz, you can embrace these trends without breaking the bank.

Home Design Trends

 Imperial Vanities – A Leading Supplier of Trendy Quartz Stones 

Imperial Vanities is at the forefront of the stone industry when it comes to premium quality quartz. We have been serving our customers in India and worldwide by keeping a close eye on the emerging trends in the domestic and international markets. 

Before fabricating a bespoke quartz solution for our customers we understand their needs and desires associated with a particular home project. We know that an individual has the strongest relationship with his home. And our products ensure that your ‘home sweet home’ keeps looking familiar with an added beauty. 

If you are seeking a specific color, a new finish, or texture, we are here to provide the solution. 

With advanced features and unique touches to quartz stone, you get an ideal product of your taste!

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    We are Happy to help you!