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For preparing and serving food, a kitchen islands delivers different functionalities from start to finish. Resting in the middle of the room, it works as a countertop. The area beneath works as a storage compartment. The island top has a huge influence on the overall appeal of the kitchen area. And that’s why an ideal kitchen design always has it as an integral element.

An island is merged with the stovetop and a sink. Also, you can install bar stools on one side. Hence, it can serve as a place to cook, wash dishes and eat as well. The versatility of the island adds incredible value to your kitchen.  

As it effectively impacts the kitchen area, a design plan for the island should go about wisely.  

How To Choose The Best Top For Your Kitchen Islands?

There are several aspects that decide upon the final look of the Kitchen islands top. Keep these factors in mind to choose the one that best suits you and your kitchen. 


Choose from the materials listed below according to their properties and stature.

1. Marble

Give your center island top a luxurious and elegant look with marble stone. With looks, the stone also has practical benefits such as heat resistance, scratch resistance, and durability. It matches well with the stainless steel, tile, or wood cabinets, and hence is a popular choice. 

2. Granite

Along with pairing well with the kitchen accessories, granite emerges out as a versatile addition. It is strong, sturdy, and aesthetic as well. You can choose from a variety of colours, finishes, and patterns to create the look and feel you wish. 

3. Slate

Unlike other natural stones, slate is a non-porous variety. This means that it doesn’t absorb any kind of liquid. You can clean it very quickly and easily. Slate comes in fewer varieties yet impressive ones. So, if you have a very busy kitchen, consider installing slate island tops. 

4. Sandstone 

Sandstone gives mostly a rustic look of the good old days. It also offers immense decor themes to choose from. The aesthetic beauty it reflects intensifies when you choose a polished finish for your sandstone island top. Matching the stone with painted cabinets whether white or dark is a great idea.  

5. Quartz Countertop

Quartz is a high-end surface material that competes with the solid surface natural stone for space in kitchens and baths. A quartz countertop is a fabricated stone that is composed of 90% quartz and 10% binding colored pigments (raisins). This high amount of quartz content makes countertops exceptionally hard and durable. 


Size matters a lot when it comes to installing an island. Materializing the Island in proportion to the rest of the area is crucial. Without eating ample space in the room, it should provide adequate countertop space. The fixtures and appliances should have enough space to rest upon. 

Things to know:

  • To accommodate foot traffic, an ideal island should have 36-48 inches of opening throughout. 
  • If the island top is to be used as a casual dining area, a space of 24 inches width per person should be planned. Also, the legroom should be 9 to 13 inches long.
  • If you have a lesser area, get a work table instead. The island may occupy the entire room and it won’t be easy for people to walk. 

Colour (Dark or Light)

Where dark shades symbolize sophistication and boldness, light colours personify purity and cleanliness. Though both shades have their own significant dignity, dark complexions are trendy these days. Dark neutral paint colours are the preference of many famous designers worldwide. Black, dark grey, and dark brown complexions are most widespread. But, for sure, white kitchen island tops are never outdated. Indeed it is a safe choice. 

Basically, the colour shade is decided according to how well it pairs with the kitchen assets. And, for a kitchen that is mainly neutral, almost every colour can perform remarkably. You can choose from daring bright red, intense blue, cheerful yellow or creamy green, anything you like. 


  • Triangular- Triangular kitchen island rules the list providing adequate space for family gatherings and dining. It emerges as the most established kitchen island top.
  • Multi-tier- It is a great choice for families multitasking in the kitchen. If your children like to do their homework in the kitchen, a multi-tier island is perfect for you.
  • Curved- This shape defines kitchen boundaries creating space for conversation.
  • Vintage- Install a vintage island if you are tired of boxy kitchens and want yours to be truly unique.
  • L-shaped – It allows you to make high-use of the island with its versatile kitchen style.
  • Round – Creating an alluring focal point in the kitchen, round-shaped island tops carry the title of being the most trendy island shape.

To sum up, a kitchen island amplifies the grace and efficiency of your home. Consequently, while modeling the kitchen, special attention should be given to its designation. After all, it increases the kitchen’s wow factor.

Get Eye-Catching Kitchen Islands Top From Imperial Vanities

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The days are gone when the kitchen used to be a messy place kept hidden from guests. Today,Kitchen islands are social gathering hotspots around the world. Then why not decorate your kitchen in the most magnificent manner? Flaunt splendidly designed islands from Imperial Vanities in your kitchen.

We provide high-quality natural stone island tops that age without losing their beauty. 

Call us today for islands that rule your kitchen! 

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    We are Happy to help you!