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Imperial Vanities

Leading Exporter and Manufacturer of quartz countertops

Are you dreaming of the day, where you could get your space revamped with some stylish yet luxurious stones? Well, With Imperial Vanities, you can make your dream home come true. Being a prominent Manufacturer of Quartz Countertop, we not only deal in supplying high-quality stones but we even provide them at an effective price range. 

Quartz has evolved as a popular stone of recent times that everyone looks for inside their interior. Its popularity raised heights because of its highly-durable nature finished and glossy look that fits both old and new style interiors!

When it comes to the best place to buy quartz stones, Imperial Vanities appear as a prominent choice for most architects, engineers, and interior designers. This is so because they know we never compromise on the quality and strength of the stone. Our quartz countertops, vanity tops, bathroom tops, and kitchen countertops have gained immense popularity in the market over years. We are backed with years of experience in providing quality quartz stones and timely delivery services to various countries across the world.

What Makes Imperial Vanities the Leading Exporter and Manufacturer of Quartz Countertop

1. Wide Range of Colors and Varieties Available

Quartz stones come with a variety of advantages. A wide color palette and varying shades give you lots of options to choose from when it comes to creating the perfect look for your kitchen or bathroom vanity. It doesn’t break easily, in comparison to granite. Quartz has no pores or natural indentation marks which gives a stone smooth finish that solid granite could not offer. Imperial Vanities offer quality stones in a wide range of options like Mirage Series, Crystal Series, Luxor SeriesCosmic Series, Himalayan Series, and many more. The series offers a variety of colors that are suitable for all construction of interior needs. These all factors have made Imperial vanities the leading manufacturer of quartz countertop and vanity tops.

2. Perfect size

As a manufacturer of quartz countertop, we feel that we aren’t only responsible for offering a wide range of quartz stones, but our stones are also available in a varied range of sizes. One can choose from 2cm and 3cm thicknesses and Mitered Edges that are highly in demand today as it brings a sleek and modern look to your interiors. With the variety of sizes available, we also make sure that the correct size is delivered accordingly.

Quartz countertops perfect size

3. Quality Policies

Our commitment to quality is born from our commitment to your satisfaction. We guarantee those who purchase goods through our company outlets will experience the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. To ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products they have purchased from us, we have made it our duty to provide our shoppers with a variety of ways to interact with our brand.

Being a leading manufacturer of quartz countertop, we are committed not only to providing quality goods for consumers but also to providing unparalleled customer service to give a pleasant shopping experience to our customers. Our core values include timely delivery of orders, guaranteed client satisfaction, adherence to our quality standards, affordability of our product ranges, a wide assortment of design platelets, and highly efficient services offered.

4. Packaging & Logistic

We are all in one from the manufacturer of quartz countertop to the supplier of kitchen countertops or vanity tops. Our Packaging & Logistics services include safe packaging options using materials like high-grade wooden crates, foams, and so on to safely transport your quartz countertops. The timely delivery of your order is something we’re committed to. We promise to deliver your order at the earliest time possible after placing the order leaving you with enough time to meticulously prepare for its arrival. Upon reaching our warehouse, our logistics team takes charge by breaking down each individual slab and undertaking other necessary operational activities in making sure that the entire process from start till the finish is within our customer’s control.

Packaging & Logistic of Imperial Vanities

5. Machinery and Technology

We rely, like other fabricators, on a core of highly trained machine operators, finishers, and artisans. Our continuous investment in production technology, on the other hand, gives us an advantage in terms of quality. Our CNC edging machines and water jet technologies enable us to perfectly give an edge to countertops. With the precision that old hand polishing methods cannot match. We use cutting-edge saw jet gear to precision cut countertops at high output levels. Allowing us to make better use of our raw materials. We aim to be the best manufacturer of quartz countertop in the market by our highly skilled workers. 

Imperial Vanities – Your Prime Exporter and Manufacturer of Quartz Countertop

Imperial Vanities has been in the business for a long time and is a renowned brand. When it comes to the search for suppliers of vanity tops or quartz countertops. Not only we are limited to quartz countertops but have strengthened our roots in supplying natural stones. Like marble, granite, and sandstone as well, with the name Imperial Exports.
Along with this, we are also expanding our presence in the North American market with Imperial Surfaces. Currently based in Ontario (Canada). Imperial Surfaces deals in natural and engineered stones along with providing quartz countertops installation services and cabinets for kitchen interiors. So if you are looking to revamp your space or build a new structure. Imperial Vanities comes with the whole package from choosing the stone to installing it. Rest assured and contact us.

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    We are Happy to help you!