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Have you ever walked into a luxury hotel, and the first thing you noticed at the reception was a lustrous tabletop? You took a closer look and felt the table. It had a nice feel, didn’t it? Do you wonder what makes up these tabletops? They are made from quartz! Quartz is one of the strongest naturally occurring minerals in nature. But the end-product you receive is a man-made stone that is processed to make it tougher and long-lasting. And that’s why it has become widely used nowadays. The stone is available in almost infinite varieties that is why it can be used for a variety of purposes like quartz commercial countertop, kitchen countertops, or quartz vanity tops. Amongst the diverse range of applications, quartz has become one crucial material to be used for commercial spaces.

Stay here while we show you some areas you can employ quartz in your commercial space!

Restaurants and Bars

Your restaurant or bar will get a new look when you introduce quartz into your space. Quartz is suitable for commercial countertops, tabletops, bar tops, and reception desks. As a customer, you wouldn’t hesitate to place your purse on some secure place, like a quartz commercial countertop. The radiance that exudes from a quartz tabletop sends a welcome signal to the customer.

You could also make use of quartz as your restaurant’s bathroom and kitchen countertop. Quartz comes in distinct colors and patterns to fit the location where you intend to use it. Do you know that the stone is also used in glassmaking? This means you could also make use of glassware made from quartz in your restaurant or your bar.

Office Building

When you walk into any office today, you will find quartz. From the banks to the companies, small or big, quartz countertop has been dominating the interiors, especially as a commercial countertop so profoundly.

For example, you have a job interview at a tech company. On getting there, you see building windows made of glass, tabletops from quartz. You can feel the luxurious look of this stone as you walk through. When you get in there, can find a panel of interviewers behind a quartz conference table. You can’t but notice all of these because of the beauty quartz stone reflects.

Quartz Is Used Worldwide: Thanks To Its Traits & Beauty

Quartz’s versatility in color and pattern gives room for more and more attraction. Some quartz designs will imitate the look of natural stones. Some others would be made in colors to suit the company name, logo, and standards.

The glossy or flat back bar tops and tabletop’s designs will complement a bar’s setting and lighting. The white or black marble-like designs will give elegance to a hotel’s reception.

However, quartz’s beauty is just one of the several reasons to know how the quartz stone is used for a commercial space.

Quartz Commercial Countertop in Hotel


The Durability of quartz is the other reason for its fame which makes it a commonly used material for any commercial space. Quartz is a hard stone that fits best when used as commercial countertops in any area. It undergoes a refining process and ensures it has more strength for whatever purpose it would be used.

A lot of other high-quality stone materials get scratched, stained, faded, or damaged when used as commercial countertops. But not Quartz.

Because quartz is:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch or crack resistant
  • Nonabsorbent
  • Nonporous

You can now check the reason, why you would find quartz stone used in commercial places. A splash of hot coffee at the restaurant will not affect the tabletop when it’s made with quartz.

An accident that will cause a flower vase to shatter will not affect a quartz’s commercial countertops. And you can use it for as long as you want, without replacement. The only replacement, of course, would be more aesthetically-appealing quartz.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop for Restaurants

Low Maintenance

If you own a business and do not have quartz as a commercial countertop in your restaurant kitchen yet, then you should consider refurbishing it. Quartz’s stain-resistant property makes it very easy to maintain.

With a quartz reception desk, conference table, or commercial countertop, the daily intermittent cleaning routines are hassle-free and easy to do. You need not bother about sealing too because quartz will stay clean and new for a long as you want. It is also resistant to microorganism growth, hence no extra expenses for the prevention of microorganisms.

Premium Quality Quartz From Imperial Vanities for Commercial Countertop

If you are looking to upgrade your commercial space with quartz countertops, Imperial Vanities is your one-stop destination! By putting in years of expertise and experience in making superior-quality quartz, we’ve built a huge customer base.

Thanks to our personalized approach that enables us to fabricate quartz commercial countertops as per your budget and requirements. Tell us your specific requirements – the color, pattern, thickness, shape, and application. And we will customize the commercial countertop for your space that perfectly reflects the beauty and luxury you always wish for.

So, how would you like your quartz to be? Let’s discuss it!

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    We are Happy to help you!