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Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops

Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops – For Dazzling Interiors
Do you want to redesign your bathroom to add a fresh look to your overall space? What could be a better option than installing stylish and vibrant-looking quartz bathroom vanity tops? It includes varieties like Carrara White and Dark, which add an instant touch of uniqueness and lavishness to any place.

When deciding on bathroom countertops, people often face confusion between choosing quartz or granite. Therefore, we have prepared this detailed comparative guide of granite versus quartz to save you from such chaos.

Hence, before visiting your nearby bathroom vanity tops supplier, go through this guide to choose the best vanity countertops for you.

Reasons to Compare Granite and Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops

Both granite and quartz bathroom vanity tops are preferred choices among homeowners. But you must draw some comparisons between them to install a vanity top designed to meet the needs of modern bathrooms. 

Carrara White Quartz Vanity Tops

1. Quartz is Manufactured, Granite is Natural

Being a natural stone, granite is quarried from underneath the earth. It damages the environment by altering the natural quality of land, soil, and water and causes pollution. Further, granite is available in some specific geographical regions. So, its exportation involves heavy shipping charges and makes it an expensive choice.

However, quartz bathroom vanity tops are an eco-friendly alternative. Quartz countertops manufacturer engineers it from the remnants of natural stone, which involves recycling and reusing other materials. 

2. Quartz is Non-porous 

Quartz remains a better choice for a bathroom due to its non-porous nature. Unlike granite, it doesn’t require a sealant to become resistant to water or other liquids and retain its quality for the long term. Thus, quartz is a better choice for bathroom vanity tops which are prone to getting wet most of the time. It also helps you keep the bacteria, molds, or mildew away from your bathrooms.

3. Granite Resist Heat Better

Granite countertops remain in high demand in the marketplace due to their distinct heat resistance, which is lacking in quartz. So, granite is still a better option for the kitchen, where the countertops could get damaged if it lacks heat resistance. But prefab quartz countertops work well for bathrooms. There are many benefits of choosing prefab quartz. Know the reasons here.

4. Both Are Very Durable

People use granite and quartz in construction projects due to their strength and durability. However, manufacturers create quartz bathroom vanity tops by combining approximately 93% natural quartz with 7% resins. It provides additional strength to quartz. Also, due to its  non-porous nature, it keeps the color, shine, and texture of quartz countertops long-lasting.

5. Quartz Requires Less Maintenance

More than anything else, the low-maintenance quartz makes it a perfect fit for bathroom vanity tops. Its non-porosity makes it water-resistant. So, if water is spilled into the fabricated quartz countertops, it is not absorbed into deeper layers. It also withstands stains, scratches, and even chips.  

Want to know what are the most popular bathroom vanity countertops for your home? Check out this detailed blog on it. Further, read on to know the differences between granite and quartz bathroom vanity tops. 

Quartz v/s Granite for Bathroom Vanity Countertops

AestheticVariety of uniform colors and patterns availableLess variety available 
CleaningNon-porous, easy-to-clean, keeps molds or mildews at bayPorous, requires daily cleaning, develops bacteria and mildews easily.
Composition90-95% natural stone remnants+ 5-10% resins and pigments100% natural stone 
Cost$15-$70 per sq. ft material+ $10-$30 per sq. ft for labor$15-$140 per sq. ft material+$10-$30 per sq. ft for labor
DurabilityStronger than granite and lasts long, unable to endure UV rays and extreme heatHeat resistant but stains easily with acids or oils
Eco-FriendlyIt involves recycling and reusing of natural stones and other materialsDeteriorate environment, Consume fuel while exporting around the world
GradesHighest grade is rich in colors and has less veining. The first quality is premium, the standard is commercial, and the second is of lowest gradeVersatile colors, pitting, marks, veins, thickness, sourcing location. Grade1 is builder’s grade, Grade 2 is mid-level, Grade 3 is considered high-grade. 
RepairsSmall chips or cracks can be fixed with adhesives; slab replacement is not required.Only small cracks can be repaired with epoxy, resin, or adhesive that doesn’t run through the depth of the stone
SealingNot requiredAnnually

How Do I Make the Right Choice?

Keep your bathroom decor and the level of maintenance required in mind to make the right choice. Quartz bathroom vanity tops surpass granite or marble in performance because they undergo engineering rather than being naturally extracted like marble and granite. It is durable and eco-friendly in nature. Unlike granite, quartz is nonporous.  With the variety of stones available like  Calacatta Nueo and Verona  it even mimics marble. As a quartz countertop supplier and exporter, we also offer customized bathroom vanity tops such as Satuario

Also, choose the bath vanity supplier wisely, as the cost of the quartz mostly depends on them.

Imperial Vanities: Bathroom Vanity Top Supplier

Imperial Vanities is a renowned vanity tops manufacturer which can provide you with elegant choices like Imperial Marquina. So, feel free to visit us to buy quartz bathroom vanity tops at affordable prices.

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