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Quartz Countertop Interior

Quartz Countertop for Hospitals – Hospital is a place where patients come for the treatment of various diseases. So, the possibility of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs) is high in hospitals. Every surface has the potential to transmit microorganisms and pathogens that cause infections.

These infectious molecules can be transferred through doorknobs, countertops, chair handles, and other places. Therefore, the hospital’s countertops and surface hygiene are more critical for both patients and visitors.

Countertops are commonly found in areas such as reception areas, breakroom tables, side tables, nurse stations, exam room desks, bathroom vanities, and many more.

It is more effective to select a hygienic and durable countertop to control the spread of HCAIs. Well, you often find quartz countertop for hospitals because it comes with many practical benefits that are beyond the fact that it simply looks nice.

Quartz Countertop for Hospital

Quartz is a man-made countertop that is referred to as an engineered stone. It is made of 90% crushed stone waste and 10% cement-based or polymeric binder. With this amazing composition, it gives beneficial properties and those are:

1. Hygienic

Quartz is a non-porous material and the most significant feature is that it does not absorb anything. Quartz countertop for hospitals are especially useful because standing liquids and moisture can carry infectious bacteria, and quartz will not absorb this. Keeping the space clean, sanitized and free of harmful bacteria is easy with the Calacatta Verona from Imperial Vanities.

2. Durability

Hospitals operate with a budget when it comes to renovations. When renovating a hospital, all factors need to be considered, such as durability, looks, performance, etc. There are other materials that get lots of attention for being inexpensive but they don’t last long such as vinyl and laminate.

They will wear out quickly and make the reception or lobby area look rundown in a short period of time, and thus cost you more bucks. Therefore, the Satuario countertop from Imperial Vanities has exceptional durability that does not require high maintenance and repair costs over time and is best Quartz Countertop for Hospitals.

3. Eye-catching Style

The quartz countertop is eye-catching in nature. Style does count in hospitals as they create a positive atmosphere for patients. When people find a hospital clean, and well maintained with an attractive countertop surface, it feels more confident and inspiring.

Quartz countertop for hospitals are used in many areas, including reception areas, waiting rooms, guest bathrooms, break rooms, and many more. Having a colourful, stylish Quartz Countertop for Hospitals is also durable enough to last for several years and sets the tone for the entire space. Using Carrara White quartz stone from Imperial Vanities adds a positive, germ-free atmosphere to a hospital interior.

4. Easy Maintenance

In hospitals, it is difficult to keep all the places clean. Areas such as break rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, and reception areas need frequent cleaning. Quartz stones have a smooth and non-porous surface, so they don’t absorb moisture, stains, or bacteria. 

Regal White, Calacatta Verona, Satuario, and Carrara White from Imperial Vanities are easy-to-maintain quartz countertop for hospitals that can be cleaned repeatedly without getting damaged.

Regal White Quartz Countertop

Buy Hygienic & Best Quartz Countertop for Hospital from Imperial Vanities

Want a versatile, attractive, and stylish Quartz Countertop for Hospital setting that will last a long time? Choose quartz countertops for the best results. Quartz countertops offer a wide range of benefits to hospitals.

As a leading quartz countertop supplier, Imperial Vanities aims to bring the beauty of nature into the space. Technology was beautifully incorporated into the living and workspace areas. Consequently, we have become the leading quartz countertop manufacturer and supplier in the market. Apart from quartz slabs, we also offer prefab quartz kitchen countertops, imperial sink vanity tops, bathroom vanity tops, and many more.

Get your best & hygienic hospital countertops from the leading quartz exporters – Imperial Vanities, to know what makes us the leading quartz countertop manufacturer, read this blog and get a quotation for quartz slabs, contact us.

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