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Requirement of Quartz Countertop Sealers

If you are building or even renovating your kitchen space or other home interiors using Quartz countertops, you look forward to utilizing its peculiar features like durability, strength, and design. However, what most people overlook is the maintenance and post-installation care of the Quartz countertop and Quartz Countertop Sealing. Most people do not understand the significance of sealing a countertop. Today, in this blog we will understand the significance of Quartz countertop sealer, and what is the best method to get the process done. 

The Reason Behind Quartz Countertop Sealer Process 

Before dwelling deeper into the WHATs and HOWs, let us first explore the WHYs. Why is a stone sealing process done? Is it really necessary? What will happen if we somehow overlook the process post-installation? 

Quartz Slabs are a synthetic substance constructed of various natural stones and resin. Additionally, silicon dioxide is present in significant concentration. Quartz pieces are customized with colored components to suit the desires of various customers. But it’s not simply the sleek look or the robust construction that sets it apart. It’s the fact that a quartz countertop doesn’t require sealing! But if done, there are a number of advantages.

  1. Although a quartz countertop is constructed of several stones, the creation process leaves an everlasting seal on their surfaces. As a result, consumers may acquire countertops for their houses that are sturdy, long-lasting, and appealing to the eye. 
  2. Quartz and other countertops made of marble, travertine, and granite need to be sealed because they are porous. If they are not sealed, they will deteriorate easily. This also explains why many magnificent monuments from ancient times, which were built without sealants, are now in ruins or have not been preserved.
  3. We use our counters frequently, and the constant use of them in the busy kitchen can eventually ruin quartz worktops’ shine. Sealing can be advantageous because they continue to sustain damage from our frequent use. In fact, it’s gaining popularity as a means of extending their lifespan.
  4. Always seal quartz countertops to give an additional layer of safeguarding from chemical additives in cleaning solutions. If you’re using more than simply a damp towel to wipe away spills and stains. Quartz can nonetheless absorb stains while not having a porous structure. Such routine upkeep will only be advantageous for quartz surfaces.

However, if you do not wish to use Quartz countertop sealers, there are several ways to care for your preciously carved countertop. 

Caring for a Quartz Countertop Without Sealing 

  1. Do not use abrasive products for cleaning. Usually, when we have a wine or coffee stain on our stainless countertop, especially those which are clearly visible, we tend to become so desperate to remove them that we often end up using harsh chemicals. Now, that is not a problem if you have used Quartz countertop sealers, but in case the countertop is encapsulated, you must be very careful with these chemicals. 
  2. Do not expose your unsealed quartz countertop to heat. Usually, while cooking we tend to keep the utensils straight from the stove onto our top. However, it seems needless to mention again, but if you have used Quartz countertop sealers, you can do that putting all the worries behind you. But if you have not used any encapsulation, you might weaken the stone’s durability by exposing it to too much heat. 
  3. In other words, it can be fine when you occasionally set your coffee mug or a hot cup of soup on it, but it becomes a different issue when you repeatedly set a burning pot or skillet on it. In actuality, this may result in burn marks or deterioration on the surface of your priceless quartz countertop. Never forget to use a trivet or a potholder before setting a skillet of freshly hot meals on your countertop.
  4. Never ever cut juicy fruits and vegetables on your countertop. Always remember to use a chopping board. However, a sealed quartz countertop can still be used, but without using Quartz countertop sealer, if you try to directly chop things on the surface. You might end up making it dull and scratchy. What concerns you more than touching the surface is how specific fruits affect it. Never chop tropical fruits or even other acidic foods on it, for instance. In any other case, the acids in these meals could corrode your quartz counter and leave a noticeable dull spot.

Specific Countertops and Their Sealing Requirements 

Since now we know the benefits and cons of using Quartz countertop sealer, you might as well also want to know what kind of stones are more susceptible to damage without sealing.

1. White Slabs

Since white colour can hold any other colour quite visibly on its surface, you would always want to stay careful while working on an unsealed white countertop. However, if you use our Blanco Snow Quartz or Winter White, the chances of any wear and tear reduce significantly. 

Blanco Snow Quartz Slabs

2. Cream Coloured Slabs

Using a shade lighter than black but darker than white can be a terrific idea. But taking care of it without sealing it is equally problematic. However, using Imperial Vanities’ Crystal Beige stone can be a good option here as it already has all the chemical processes done, so even if a person is a bit laidback pertaining to maintenance, it is okay!

3. Black slabs 

Usually, people think using black coloured slabs will protect the slab from all stains and freckles. However, you need to take more care of the countertop if you choose black. After all, you want a shiny black one, not a dull one. So, you must choose Sparkle Black from Imperial Vanities in order to save your energy and time in maintenance and cleaning. 

Also if you are looking for tips to renovate your space with quartz slabs, check this blog

Long story short, adding Quartz countertop sealer to your countertops can definitely save them from any wear and tear. Now if you choose quality materials from Imperial Vanities, you will get all the additional post-installation guidance on how to care for and maintain a quartz countertop. So, if you want a one-line answer to the question. “Which stone should I buy that doesn’t need sealing?”. You can connect with Imperial Vanities and get it all done under one roof. 

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