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Know Top Import Countries From Quartz Slab Supplier

Imperial Vanities is a well-known quartz slab supplier and producer of engineered Quartz Surfaces. Our company is proud of its accomplished staff, capable of delivering premium quality quartz slabs to a large clientele! Our product is made from one of the hardest stones found in nature. It is the most versatile and practical building material for beautiful kitchen countertops, table tops, comfortable bathroom vanities, elegant flooring, and wall claddings. Quartz slabs are the way to go if you want to glam up the dining room, bedroom, or living room. It functions as a smooth tabletop or coffee table, and the natural striations immediately catch the eye.

Imperial Vanities is a top manufacturer and exporter of quartz slabs. We are specialized in exporting quality quartz slabs and have a global presence in over 66 countries including the United States, Spain and Canada. The sales and distribution network is extensive and widespread in India and globally. Our products can be seen in several internationally renowned projects.

What Makes Imperial Vanities A Leading Quartz Slab Supplier?

Imperial Vanities is well-known in the market for providing high-quality quartz slabs. We have over a hundred different designs and sizes of quartz slabs. As a result, people have a plethora of options  to choose from. We have a fully experienced team for cutting, finishing, and supplying stone using cutting-edge technology. Besides this we also use high-quality machinery that produces customized quartz slabs based on your specifications. We also deal in supplying pre-fab quartz countertop and are the top leaders in it. To know more about us, read this blog which tell us in detail what makes us the Leading Exporters and Manufacturer of Quartz Countertops.

Quartz Slabs Supplier - Imperial Vanities

Why is Quartz widely Popular in Regions of the USA, Spain, And Toronto?

1. In USA

Quartz is less prone to chipping and cracking than granite. Dropping pots and pans in the kitchen or a hairdryer in the bathroom on your countertop should no longer be a source of concern! Furthermore, engineered quartz is resistant to corrosion and blotches caused by cooking oils, cleaning products, make-up, and other liquids. Quartz can also be used as a backsplash, shower enclosure, or wall covering. Unlike granite or marble, quartz is flexible and can be fastened with epoxy rather than screws, allowing it to be used in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. As a result, Quartz  is extremely popular in the United States.

2. In Spain

The stain-and scratch-resistant material has become so popular in less than two decades that it is now used in one out of every four kitchen remodels in Spain. The first fact is that quartz is a hard, non-porous material that engineers frequently list and comment on. This trait translates into a couple of advantages. For starters, the hardness indicates that it is long-lasting and scratch-resistant. Second, it is non-porous and does not absorb liquids as easily as other materials. As a result, it is stain resistant.

3. In Toronto

When the natural stone was first popular, many Toronto home buyers requested quartz slabs countertops. People are considering using quartz slabs in their interior design projects because it is easy to maintain. The most liked quartz slabs by people of toronto are calacatta series or carrara series.

Get More Details About Quartz Slabs Supplier – Imperial Vanities

The quartz slab decor is one-of-a-kind. It adds a wonderful sense of aesthetics and style to the  interiors. Quartz slab blends with almost any furniture and elements due to its whimsical beauty. Imperial Vanities is the best quartz slab manufacturer , supplier, and exporter, and we can help you design your client’s space beautifully. We produce some of the best variants in quartz slabs, which are trusted by millions of clients worldwide. Contact us today to enquire about us.

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    We are Happy to help you!