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It has been appreciated and accepted more than traditional wall designs nowadays. Cladding is the process of applying one material over another to provide a layer of skin to it. Due to its properties, using wall cladding is getting high in trend. Watching people subsequently shifting towards wall claddings, you might wonder why you should opt for quartz wall cladding over traditional wall designs. Well, for that we have got some evident reasons for you. 

  1. Wall claddings are used to provide thermal insulation to the walls. 
  2. People often use them for weather resistance. 
  3. It can increase the appearance of your building by many folds.

Stay tuned to know about more benefits and applications of quartz wall cladding. 

What are the Benefits of Using Quartz Wall Cladding?

You would wonder why quartz should be the only material used for cladding. Well, we have a simple answer to it. Quartz slabs are extremely stylish, available in a variety of styles, are durable, and have low maintenance. With quartz wall cladding, you no more have to worry about marks and stains due to the water-resistant properties of quartz. 

Hitting on the surface also doesn’t cause any harm to the cladding. The best part is simplistic maintenance. No fancy cleaners, you are good to go with just warm water and a cloth. 

Areas of Application for Quartz Wall Cladding

1. Wet Rooms

Quartz wall cladding can be easily used in wet rooms and showers with barely any maintenance. It is waterproof and durable, thus it proves to be the best for such areas. Our Carrara Classic is a widely used quartz slab that will be perfectly suitable for wet rooms. 

2. Kitchen Backsplashes

Designing backslashes can be a tough task for many. Interestingly, quartz slabs act as perfect wall cladding for your kitchen backsplashes. With quartz slabs, you are free to cut, shape, and size the tiles as per your choices. 

Calacatta Bella and Calacatta Verona are some of the best quartz slabs specifically for kitchen backsplashes. 

Calacatta Bella Quartz quartz wall cladding

3. Laundry Rooms

Quartz has extremely suitable properties to be a part of your laundry area. It is low maintenance and highly heat resistant which is why it is a perfect choice for your laundry rooms. Check out one of the Italian stones, Bianco Carrara for a perfect look.

4. Fireplace Back Walls

Fireplaces are one of the best places to experiment with your creativity and design skills. Using quartz wall cladding will save much of your cleaning time and would give a luxurious look to your space. Calacatta Neo Gold and Nero Marquina are a few polished quartz slabs best suited for fireplace back walls. 

5. Chimney Walls

Your chimney walls require a material that can stay perfect even in extreme heat conditions. Therefore using it for chimney walls is always a smart choice. The best buy for chimney walls is a Lunar Grey quartz slab. 

Shop Finest Quartz for Wall Cladding At Imperial Vanities 

The best place you can look for any design in quartz slabs is Imperial Vanities, a leading quartz slab supplier and manufacturer. We aim to bring out the essence of nature in the form of quartz slabs to the living and workspace.  Being the leading quartz slabs supplier and manufacturer, we offer premium quality, with a precise finish that perfectly suits any space. For further details, enquire today!

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    We are Happy to help you!