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One of the most frequent words used by environmentalists is ‘sustainability.’ Day in day out we are encouraged to go green and that is by sustainable living. However, for most individuals, this phrase has become more than jargon and it is now a philosophy. And then comes sustainable interior design.

But, what does sustainable living really mean? Well, it’s aim is to give mother earth a priority in terms of using natural resources. This is in contrast to producing excess waste while depleting resources which will be harmful to the future. 

Architects and interior designers have also come to appreciate the aesthetics of the sustainable interior design. This means that they use eco-friendly designing materials that are beneficial to the environment as well as their client. 

And hence, keeping the same intention, we have explored some genuine ways of eco-friendly living.

Reasons To Give Your Space A Stylish Look In An Eco-friendly Way

Many interior design companies use sustainable materials in their interior design projects. All phases from the point of production to their use and the disposal of materials are put into consideration. One of the most popular materials used in interior and exterior decoration is quartz. It is a natural material that is eco-friendly, elegant, and durable. Here are a few more reasons why you should give your space a stylish look in an eco-friendly way:

Minimal Maintenance

As a homeowner, when you use eco-friendly building techniques and materials, they will incur fewer maintenance costs and upkeep. Quartz is a natural stone that requires minimal upkeep and lasts longer when installed. 

Advanced Framing Methods

In today’s society, green homes have become the norm. Builders are incorporating advanced framing techniques in their designs which reduces costs, labor, and energy. 

Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly materials conserve energy and in the long run, save costs. For instance, the use of quartz heaters has been known to reduce heat loss by 100%.

Save Mother Earth

Sustainable interior design options such as quartz are great ways to conserve the environment. It is being advocated because of its no-negative impacts on the planet. 

Best Sustainable Interior Design Trends 

Most of our time we end up spending indoors either at home, school, or offices. Therefore, interior decor plays a vital role in ensuring our spaces are comfortable and beautiful. There are a couple of sustainable interior design ideas that can make your space a rejuvenating haven. Let’s see how you can have them. 

Choose Sustainable Materials

The kind of materials used in interior decor projects should have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Such materials are renewable and can be recycled and reused. For instance, quartz stone can be recycled since it encompasses naturally occurring elements.

Go For Timeless Decor Pieces

A classic look is a timeless look. It is paramount that one creates a look that will stand the test of time. Sustainable interior design gives you a chance to create long-lasting aesthetics that are easy yet classy. For instance, the Emerald Star is green shade quartz with a look and feel that evokes a sense of freshness. And you can install this as a timeless sustainable material for your kitchen countertop, flooring, wall cladding, and more.

Emerald Star Quartz

Opt For Environmentally Friendly Decor 

The main role of sustainable decor is to ensure products used are eco-friendly. This Calacatta Verona with a white background and subtle grey veining mimics natural stones and is an earth-friendly material to opt for. 

Research About Décor Materials Before Purchase

When buying decor materials it is important to research their existence in terms of sustainability. Today, the digital world gives us the convenience to know everything at our fingertips. Hence, you can find out about sustainable interior design materials easily. For instance, you can determine choosing a natural stone such as quartz over ceramic tiles when designing flooring.  

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Sustainable interior decor comprises recycling products. They range from wood to vintage items. Quartz can be recycled which has led to the growth of quartz waste recovery companies. 

Prepare For Change

When you feel that your kitchen cabinets are turning old or your kitchen backsplash has gone too dull, then it is good to embrace change. Try repurposing your cabinets into a nice bathroom vanity. And use your old tiles in your garden, maybe around the curb or a corner. This gives you a chance to give a new touch to your interiors. In case you feel the old material is too old to be repurposed, hand it over to a recycling center. 

Imperial Vanities – Exporters Of Quartz As A Sustainable Interior Design Material  

Imperial Vanities is one of the leading quartz vanities manufacturers in India and home to world-class quartz varieties of different shades, patterns, and textures. We manufacture, supply, and export pure quartz counters quarried from Earth and are just as eco-friendly as natural stones. 

Using advanced techniques we craft personalized quartz products that are made to fit your interiors. If you are seeking to bring home a quartz countertop or quartz flooring with custom size, thickness, and finish, call us. We are here to fulfill your dream project at the best price. 

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    We are Happy to help you!