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Quartz bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity countertops are the first thing people look at while entering the bathrooms. It is the space in which everyone visits and uses every day. With the right vanity tops installed in your bathroom, you can have one more reason to catch compliments.

Bathroom vanity countertops beautify your bathroom space and enhance its aesthetics. Introducing the right vanity top to the bathroom can alter your old bathroom to an oasis.

Besides these, countertops can make your bathroom look cleaner and clutter-free. They can add more space to your bathroom for keeping accessories. And above all the benefits, they provide you great waterproofing options. Hence, this way you can protect the wood and steel closets of your bathroom.

Dissimilar to kitchen tops, bathroom vanity countertops are usually small and hence one can install them using DIY procedures. But choosing the right material for the countertop is quite challenging. This is the only problem that may emerge while deciding to have a DIY countertop. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with it.

What To Consider Before Choosing A Bathroom Vanity Countertop?

Unlike the kitchen, the bathroom areas don’t need to stand out for serious wear and tear. And hence, the good news is, you can consider appearance above functionality. And since these are custom-made, selecting the style and design options of your individual choice is open to you.

Almost all the countertop materials do have ample strength to withstand cosmetics and toothpaste. Hence, beauty, style, and cost are everything you have to look upon while choosing a bathroom vanity countertop.

Mentioned below is the list of some most popular bathroom vanities. To help you make the right decision, we have also indicated some of their pros and cons.

Popular Bathroom Vanity Countertop Materials

1. Marble

Give your home a texture of wealth and privilege with a touch of marble. It looks extremely elegant and luxurious, especially the white marble with grey veining. The major issue with such a stone is that it requires high maintenance.


  • Long-lasting, glossy and luxurious
  • Fits in almost every style
  • Available in many color variations


  • Porous hence prone to stains
  • Requires frequent sealing
  • Not durable in nature
  • Requires maintenance on a regular basis

2. Granite

Granite, is the most popular countertop material, for high-end modeling. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, this natural stone is widely preferable for busy areas as requires low maintenance but, does not add a luxurious look like marble when installed.


  • Long, lasting, stain-resistant, durable and adds value to your home
  • Impervious to moisture hence easiest stone to care for
  • Available in many different colors, styles, and patterns


  • Eats up extensive energy for transportation and mining.
  • Does not add an exotic look to your space
  • Porus in nature
  • Prone to cracking

3. Quartz

This engineered material comprising 90% quartz crystal is something that appears natural and elegant. Quartz vanity countertop is a perfect material for those who want an ornate edge in their bathroom. Available in varied options, quartz stone can be customized as per the requirement.


  • Incredibly durable, naturally moisture-resistant, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial
  • Effortless to clean
  • Comes in an incredible range of colors, patterns, and thickness


  • Can be damaged by heating
  • Scratches are visible on dark shades.

4. Concrete

Give your home a distinctive industrial look from inside with concrete countertops. It is both functional and durable.


  • Durable
  • Can be cast into any shape and pigmented texture.
  • Matches very well with the stained texture and all kinds of shades and finishes.
  • Embedding tiles and stones are possible.


  • Susceptible to stains and scratches
  • Can get cracks

Basic Configuration Styles

Apart from the material, the selection of the right configuration styles makes a huge difference. You have to think about the right style from:

  • Integrated tops – where the sink basin is already incorporated into the vanity top.
  • Cut-out tops – where a separately purchased sink basin is inserted in a large cut-out opening.
  • Single-bowl integrated tops – where a porcelain sink basin has been fused.
  • Double-bowl integrated tops – where two basins are integrated.

Imperial Vanities – Top Supplier Of Luxurious Bathroom Vanity Tops

While you read the pros and cons of different countertop materials, you must have realized that quartz proves to be an ideal fit. Quartz is a man-made stone manufactured keeping in mind all wear and tear that a stone has to go through. Hence, the bathroom vanity countertop made of quartz is a winning investment in terms of both style and practicality.

Beyond that, Imperial Vanities offers quartz stone varieties that highly resemble marble and granite. Take, for example, Antigo Cloud that looks exactly like granite but with enhanced features. If you are more inclined toward marble, check our Himalayan Series to get the feel of the luxury and elegance of marble.

What’s more, Imperial Vanities provides quartz bathroom vanity tops with customization options. Choose the kind of color, pattern, texture as well as size, shape, and thickness. We are here to carve vanity tops the way you have visualized in your mind. Without any hesitation call us! We are more than happy to serve your design requirements!

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    We are Happy to help you!