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Monte Bianco

Monte Bianco quartz has a light grey background with the contrast of dark grey and brown veining. These beautiful veins are spread in a way that they provide certain fluidity and motion to the stone surface. Quartz is a popular choice for interior designers and architects, and this stone with its stunning look and visual is perfect for any type of interior and harmonizes well with other elements and shades. With its versatility of use, it can be installed as a kitchen countertop, kitchen islands, bath vanity tops, and sinks. When paired well with proper design and hue, it is not only suitable for residential, but also for commercial properties. Being an engineered quartz countertop, this stone is scratch-resistant, no chipping occurs over its surface and highly durable. The surface is non-porous so has zero water retention that makes it easy to clean. Monte Bianco comes in two types of finishes – polished and unpolished, and thicknesses of 2cm and 3 cm. Adorn your interiors with these fabricated quartz countertops brought by Imperial Vanities. We offer the best prices and various customizations too.



– Residential & Commercial.
– Strictly not to use in Exterior Spaces.

Additional information


Azulite Star

Material Type

Quartz Surfaces/Stone

Available Finishes


Product Code

IVL – 6010

Product Thickness

1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm

Product Size

3500×2000, 3250×1650, 3200×1600, 3200×900, 3200×825


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