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Quartz Kitchen Interior

Engineered stone can make your dream home come true. If you want to create an exotic appeal of home interiors by adding a touch of luxury and abundance to your space without having to spend much time and money, you have visited the right place.

What is engineered stone? It is a man-made stone consisting of 90% quartz material. The remaining percentage is resins, polymer, and extra additives. Commonly called quartz stone or artificial stone, the end product that we deliver composes 90% of natural stone. But the characteristics are more stubborn – enabling it to endure all types of abuses. 

To name a few, the stone is non-porous and does not allow liquids to penetrate or stain. It is heavier than granite so it’s almost impossible to chip or crack. The upfront and installation cost is inexpensive than natural kitchen counterparts. Furthermore, keeping the stone clean and effective requires minimal maintenance.

From the appearance perspective, you get a consistent color distribution and pattern showcasing man-made perfectionism. 

Just as natural stone, engineered stone is used as a high-end material in residential and commercial projects. The increasing trend of using quartz stones in 2021 has inspired us to explore many spaces to enhance your interiors!  

Here are a few common ways to use engineered stone at your home

1. Countertops of Engineered stone

Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertop

Predictions show that engineered stone countertops are going to rule kitchen interiors in 2021 and beyond. Due to its high durability, robustness, and lower water absorption rate, it has been seen that quartz stone countertops are highly admired by many homeowners and building contractors. Especially, these are the preferable stones in the kitchen as kitchen platforms bear maximum heat, see frequent get-togethers, and heavy foot traffic entering and exiting.

Now, as the trend is shifting towards more solid colors, quartz varieties that depicts the actual pattern of natural marble are becoming a mass favorite. Installing lighter shade quartz can increase the aesthetic appeal of your space and stones like Statuario Verona are highly recommended in upscaling your interior design in this aspect. This white quartz countertop easily contributes to brightening up your interior and thus is widely preferred over other stones. Also, just an easy wipe with a damp cloth is enough to bring back its natural shine. So, now it’s time to enjoy all the freedom.

2. Backsplash

Today, property owners are seeking out quartz slabs and tiles with striking patterns, bold veining, and charming textures. Tall kitchen backsplash tiles are becoming one of the coolest places to flaunt the stone. It does not just impress your friends and family. But it also helps you in keeping the walls free from splashes and stains. In terms of both functionality and appearance, the engineered stone will live up to your expectations for years.

How about having a look at this eye-catching collection? 

3. Flooring of Engineered stone

Quartz stone is being used for flooring in residential and commercial buildings. By borrowing the beauty from Mother Nature, and a bit of human effort, engineered stone manufacturers expand possibilities. Thus, the stone becomes sustainable, slip-resistant, and customizable to any setting. You don’t even require post-installation sealing to protect them from moisture or other liquids. Whether you crave a sophisticated look or love funky vibes, quartz can get it all.

4. Vanity Tops

A bathroom is a place where you take time to unwind and relax. And to give you that little nudge, architects and interior designers recommend adding elements that instantly evoke a sense of calmness and freshness. Engineered stone manufacturers are expanding their range of color and patterns to make you feel spoilt for choice. Use the color, design, and texture that attract you to your bathroom vanity top.

Quartz Bathroom Vanity

Today, homeowners love the contemporary touch. And so we have a visually fascinating collection of bathroom vanities to help you create that spa-like ambiance.  

5. Wall Cladding of Engineered stone

You can expect more floor-to-ceiling statement walls decorating interiors this year. Not to mention, it is one of the most attractive ways to transform a living space. Choose the best color, pattern, texture, style and install it anywhere to intensify the look of your interiors. Just like adding Alphanso Star Quartz Stone can change the appearance of your space with its magnificent texture and color. Even if you want an accent wall in the showers, the engineered stone will never fall back. Thanks to its non-porous trait makes it is resistant to mold and mildew. 

Engineered Stone At Imperial Vanities: Global Supplier of Quartz Countertops

Engineered stone is one of the most versatile architectural materials that can mold into gemstone as well as a building material. From the design perspective, the stone can perfectly match an interior ambiance. 

Regardless of what size, shape, or thickness is required, Imperial Vanities provides custom-designed quartz products. We are a leading engineered stone manufacturer with a long-established experience and passion to deliver a unique style and statement. Our stone fabricators are skilled craftsmen who can create almost any masterpiece out of man-made stone. 

Let’s talk about your dream project. We will be more than happy to supply a befitting quartz stone that says it all!

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    We are Happy to help you!