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This is Choosing the right material for the kitchen renovation is what makes people excited. However, it is the same step where often people miss out on making an informed decision. As far as the kitchen countertop is concerned, it is something that everyone notices right away. So, it is important to make a reasonable investment in a material that’s both beautiful and practical. benefits of quartz countertops these days, the element that is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many is quartz.
Apart from being attractive, luxurious, and stylish, quartz is a high-performing surface material. It offers plenty of versatile options for your kitchen. When it comes to quartz countertops, you can get almost any color that you desire. Hence, quartz is the best material you can use to brighten up your kitchen. Keep reading the article to make your choice clearer.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Mentioned below are the points that demonstrate everything great with quartz countertops. 

  1. They Last For DecadesMade with about 90% natural ground quartz and remaining with polymer resins, quartz is almost imperishable. It is an extremely hard stone with just 3 numbers down (7) from Diamond (10) on the Mohs scale.Serving as your kitchen countertop, quartz can overcome daily wear and tear quite effortlessly. Whether you bang down cups, plates, knives, pots, or pans, scratches or cracks won’t appear to worry you. It won’t chip or crack easily and hence it is virtually the most reliable kitchen material ever known. Besides, it is heat resistant though excessive heat may damage it. Ultimately, in terms of durability, it is enough to say that manufacturers never hesitate to provide warranties for quartz countertops.
  2. They Are Non-Porous Hence Absolutely CleanThough quartz is somewhat semi-porous naturally, the fabricated material used for countertops isn’t porous at all. So, you can assume that you are not harboring bacteria or viruses through the countertop. Also, liquids can cause no harm to your quartz countertop as they won’t get absorbed. Being non-porous is one of the primary advantages of quartz over other options available.
  3. They Are Extremely Easy To Take Care Of!Low maintenance is what most of us enjoy. Quartz pleases people with its splendid property of getting cleaned just by simple wiping. Hence, manufactured quartz, even white, does not require to be sealed or waxed.You can stay relaxed when your kids are making a mess on the quartz countertop. Regardless of whether it is oil, juice, wine, coffee, tomato, or other streams that produce a stain. Because it is going to be super easy for you to clean it without leaving any smudge. Just wipe regularly and deep clean occasionally and you’re all done.
  4. They Look Great!The three-dimensional appearance of quartz is the major advantage for which many buyers chose quartz in their kitchens. Its deep appearance resembles natural stone. It feels hollow for its wood base layer of laminate. And this makes it easy to install without producing much waste product.All the range of colors and patterns that quartz comes with look like the genuine thing. The natural luster of this engineered material and stone-like patterns are noticeably impressive.

Quartz Stone Varieties Available At Imperial Vanities + Their Application As Kitchen Countertops

benefits of quartz countertops

Usually, benefits of quartz countertops  are found in high-end kitchens. But with the incredible variety of colors and patterns of quartz available, this tradition is about to transform. Imperial Vanities manufactures some of the finest quartz stones that can add the ‘wow’ element to your kitchen. 

Alphanso Star

Well reputed for being durable, this attractive mango-color quartz adds warmth to your kitchen. It goes well with grey or navy blue cabinets to achieve a modern as well as country-side look.

Azulite Star

Have the look of stone with this starry blue quartz. How about combining it with milky white cabinets? Enjoy a contemporary kitchen with this low maintenance incredible quartz.

Bianco Star

Add a winter feel to your kitchen with this glossy minimalistic scenery style quartz. Use a polished or unpolished version as a countertop or island.

Burgundy Star

If you have the penchant for dark tones, the Burgandy Star would surely have an impression on you. Match it with creamy cabinets for a dramatic touch. 

Emerald Star

For nature enthusiasts, Emerald Star proves to be a star! It evokes a sense of freshness – giving a double dose with light pista color cabinets.

We, at Imperial Vanities, are committed to providing high-quality quartz countertops that create benchmark kitchen interiors. The quartz varieties we manufacture preserves the original look even decades after the installation.

Plan Your Kitchen Remodelling With Imperial Vanities

Imperial Vanities has come through with premium quality products and services after decades-long experience in the natural stone industry. We know it in-depth what goes into a kitchen remodel. Deciding the ideal combination of looks, form, function, durability, and cost for your home requires investing significant time.  

To make this process simpler, we are here to guide you to make an informed decision. So that you choose the best product to match your kitchen style.  

Whether you need to set up a new kitchen or renovate an existing one, get the best of Imperial Vanities. We serve our customers intending to contribute to the creation of interiors that you dream of.  

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