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Quartz Countertops - Look-Alikes Of Natural Quartzite

Nowadays, kitchen and bathroom remodeling is one of the popular interior trends around the world. The main motive behind the renovation is to increase the value of your house. There are several designers who use quartz countertops and quartzite to give a modern look to the kitchen and bathroom. 

You know that the bathroom and kitchen are essential rooms in your house. Hence both should be well constructed and designed. It is profitable to utilize every space in these rooms which improves the functionality of your house. With it, you can also upgrade the home appliances and systems. This will improve the energy efficiency of your house in every way. 

Furthermore, when you are thinking of remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom, the first thing that comes to your mind is the countertop. Most people prefer quartz countertops which look like quartzite countertops. This makes the kitchen and bathroom modern and beautiful.  

Following is the difference between the quartz and quartzite countertops which will help you make a more informed decision while planning for a renovation. 

Difference Between Quartz And Quartzite

Quartz and quartzite stones are different in several ways but they look the same. Quartzite is made from sandstone and is a type of metamorphic rock. The quartzite stone develops over time under intense pressure and temperature. It looks similar to marble but the appearance of the stone is more translucent and it also has more crystalline rocks than the former. Using quartzite countertops in your kitchen means bringing home the pure magnificence of nature.  

But if you use the quartzite stone for countertops, there are several things to consider. Quartzite countertops require regular maintenance. Even a one-time use of a sharp object can damage the look of the stone. Therefore, every application needs proper sealing on a timely basis. There are different varieties of quartzite stone that you can explore in the natural stone market when you are remodeling the kitchen. But there are limited shades available. Plus, the quartzite stone is sensitive to acid. Even if you spill the orange juice or soda over the countertop it will ruin the surface easily.  

When we think about quartz for remodeling your kitchen then this is a better choice than the quartzite stone. The man-made quartz stone has a non-porous and dense surface which makes the stone maintenance-free. It is not reactive to acid which means you can put this stone on your kitchen countertops. It is also known for its scratch-resistant property.

Top 5 Quartz Stones That Resemble Natural Quartzite

Following are some quartz slab selections that look like quartzite stones. If you are looking for stone varieties that reflect the beauty of natural stone but come at a fraction of a price and great durability, discover the options listed below. 

1. Calacatta Verona 

If you are a marble lover but can’t afford the luxurious stone, Calacatta Verona is the perfect pick to give you the same joy. The stone has subtle veining on a white background that adds charm and elegance to your space. 

2. Galaxy Star 

Black beauty from the quartz category closely resembles the popular Black Galaxy Granite. The stone shows off white speckles on a black base mimicking a starry sky. This is one of the best options for modern homes. Besides, they perform amazingly when you want to hide stains and spills for some time. 

3. Satuario Quartz 

The name might give you a slight hint of which natural quartzite stone does it resemble? Yes, it closely looks like Statuario marble stones. You will find thick grey veins running elegantly across a white base giving you the signal of its sophisticated presence. Being a versatile stone, you can use it for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, or applications in the bedroom and living room.

4.  Pelican White 

This is another charming quartz countertop variety that more or less mimics Colonial White Granite. The stone is scattered with greyish dots and subtle veining on a light backdrop. Whether you have modern or traditional interiors, or a combination of both, this stone stands out in any space. 

5.  Imperial Carrara 

Today, neutral colors are ruling home interiors worldwide no matter the culture or tradition you follow. For such beautiful homes, Imperial Carrara is the way to go. The stone slightly looks like Imperial White Granite which is also neutral in its look.

Imperial Vanities – Exporters Of Prefab Quartz Kitchen Countertops & Bathroom Vanities

All the above quartz and quartzite varieties do not exactly look like each other. But the man-made quartz options definitely provide the aesthetics of natural quartzite despite being slightly different in textures and shades. 

These are just a few quartz options from Imperial Vanities. As one of the largest exporters of prefab countertops, we offer many more choices that match your dream projects. Whether you love expensive marble or granite varieties, you will find no shortage in discovering suitable alternatives that are just as beautiful and more durable. 

You can consult with us and discuss which quartz varieties look gorgeous with your decor in the kitchen or bathroom. 

We are here to serve you prefab and custom-made quartz countertops that remain fresh for years. 

Let’s connect to discuss your project requirements! 

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    We are Happy to help you!