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Calacatta Venice Quartz countertop

Are you looking for a premium quality quartz surface to create a luxurious residential setting? Calacatta Venice quartz is one such stone you can never go wrong with. It is the most sought-after Italian marble-like stone in the collection of quartz.

It displays a warm and elegant white backdrop with subtle and broad grey veinings. Calacatta Venice has stunning features that make it stand out among other quartz slabs. 

The best Quartz slab manufacturer like Imperial Vanities describes its composition as 93% natural quartz stone and 3% eco-friendly resins and pigments. 

This Vietnam-originated marble mimicking quartz surface is unique for its appearance and practical applications. The best part about Calacatta Venice quartz is its timeless beauty and resistance to damage. 

Calacatta Venice Quartz Slab

Specifications of Calacatta Venice

Without further ado, let’s delve into a bit more detail, providing you with further specifications that will help you make a better and more informed choice.

1. PRIMARY COLOR: White-Cool

Calacatta Venice comes in the pure white shade as its primary color which imparts serenity and calmness to a living space. Its icy white tone gives it an advantage over other varieties to harmonize with every design and style.

Choosing the best quartz slabs supplier can make or break your experience of renovation. Top-notch quality quartz slabs can be identified by their primary color, durability, and long life. 

2. ACCENT COLOR(S): Gray-Light

It has an accent gray color as subtle and fine veinings spread all over the surface. These striking veins provide a character to Calacatta Venice surfaces. 

Every skilled manufacturer of the quartz slab uses the color pigment strategically to provide Calacatta Venice a look similar to Italian marble. This light gray color scattered over white background allows homeowners to up their game of home decor. 

3. STYLE: Marble- Dramatic Veins

The gray-colored veins over the white surface of Calacatta Venice add a dramatic theme to it. Despite being neutral-toned, on the contrary, quartz slabs are far from bland. In fact, whether you want to create a modern or minimalistic look, its countertops or tiles won’t let you down.


Calacatta Venice is a marvelous quartz surface that is easily available in a polished finish. It provides a glossiness to its texture. Any quartz slab manufacturer recommends a polished kitchen countertop or vanity top for accentuating the visual appeal of any place. 

Further, the polished finish of Calacatta Venice pops up the pigment used while manufacturing the quartz slabs. It provides a vibrant and alluring touch to its surrounding place. More than anything else, polished finish in kitchen countertops or floorings makes cleaning and maintenance easier. 

Sizes Available of Calacatta Venice:

You can find Calacatta Venice in two different sizes as per your needs and preferences without any compromise in its quality.

1. 2cm

Imperial Vanities is the top-rated quartz slabs supplier providing a slimmer 2cm Calacatta Quartz. Installing them in vertical applications is preferred as wall claddings or island waterfalls. It requires fewer raw materials and is easily transported by the manufacturer of quartz slabs, and thus costs less.

It could also be installed horizontally as bar tops or kitchen worktops. The slimmer profiles of Calacatta Venice create the contemporary interior design. All it takes is a little more care in 

the horizontal placement due to its lighter weight and endurance.

2. 3 cm

For safer installation to withstand the test of time, 3cm of Calacatta Venice is the perfect choice for homeowners. Quartz slabs of this thickness are ideal for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, or even bar tops. 

For traffic-prone surfaces like floorings, quartz slab suppliers would recommend the thicker and heavier size. It can easily withstand heavier weight without undergoing any damage for a longer time.

Applications Available

1. Flooring: 

Calacatta Venice is the best choice among quartz slabs as flooring tiles. Its warm white shade with gray veins creates to create a unique platform for everyone who walks in. Its color is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential spaces.

2. Countertop:

Installing marble-looking countertops with low maintenance and cost is a dream come true. Choosing Imperial Vanities as your quartz slab manufacturer allows you to install water and stain-resistant countertops. It doesn’t permit microbial damage due to non-porosity, thus suitable for a workplace or home.

3. Wall:

Installing Calacatta Venice for creating accent walls or wall cladding gives unlimited scope for creativity. With a white background, you can add wings to your creativity. It can be paired with any color scheme in both home and office.

Calacatta Venice: An Exclusive Stone from the Calacatta Series Collection

Calacatta Venice is among the best choices in quartz slabs. You can choose this unique and exclusive stone to embellish your home, workplace, etc., without a doubt. If you want to install this vibrant stone for your remodeling purposes, you’ve reached the right place.

Imperial Vanities is the pioneer manufacturer of quartz slabs with a guarantee of its quality and appearance. To get your desired quartz slabs, feel free to get in touch with us

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    We are Happy to help you!