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Tips For Home Renovation With Quartz Slabs

Home Renovation with Quartz Slabs
People are becoming more hygienic so why not your home space? Everyone enjoys hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, so our kitchen and bathroom also need a revamp. These spaces help you to relax and forget the hard days. However, the bathroom has always been a place of sanctuaries but without the right material or design, bath time will become dreary. In the same way, without proper and built-in amenities, a kitchen will not look so interesting. If you want to transform your space with quartz slabs then you must be aware of some important tips to follow while making the transition from drab to fab and while performing home renovation with quartz slabs?

Here are Tips That Ensure Your Space will Give the Soothing Ambience of Your Lavatorial Tranquility

1. Getting the Right Material

The bathroom and kitchen are the places where most water is used. So, it is best to use Quartz slabs as they provide superior durability which makes them ideal for heavy use areas. The cleanup with Quartz takes only a few seconds of wiping and Voila! Your space is ready for use again.

However, the Quartz slabs such as Calacatta Verona by Imperial Vanities are a true replica of classic white marble with additional features such as long-lasting durability, non-porosity, stain, and scratch resistance. Mostly, kitchen spaces are renovated using Calacatta Verona quartz slabs.

2.      Kitchen Backsplashes To Perform Home Renovation with Quartz Slabs

The most simple kitchen renovation technique is to replace your backsplash tiles. Backsplashes are an opportunity to make a statement and add boldness to your design and create a conservative discreet look. When you have a smaller kitchen, wrapping the backsplash around the whole area will visually enlarge the space. 

Here, at Imperial Vanities Calacatta Black River quartz slabs gives the kitchen a classic and stylish look. It shows a clean white background interfered with bright greyish and golden veining all over its surface, making it perfect for home renovation with quartz slabs. To know the best stones for renovating our kitchen with Quartz Kitchen Countertops, check this.

Calacatta Black River For Backsplashes

3.      Transforming Bathroom look To Perform Home Renovation with Quartz Slabs

Want to upgrade your bathroom? Quartz bathroom Vanity tops are a worthwhile starting point to consider. Besides being super durable, quartz also performs well in other areas. However, Quartz is a non-porous surface making it completely resistant to bacteria buildup and therefore ideal for floors, showers, and bathroom walls.

The Bianco Carrara Quartz by Imperial Vanities has a subtle appearance and outstanding performance and toughness. Its durability and resistance to household cleaners make it ideally suited for vertical settings such as shower surrounds. Check this complete guide to choose Perfect Bathroom Vanity Tops.

4.      Countertops

Everything in renovation is significant whether it is cabinets, appliances, or backsplashes but countertops make the best in renovation when done with Quartz Slabs. Simply replacing your countertops with Quartz is one of the most effective ways to add both form and function to your space.

Carrara Sand Valley quartz by Imperial Vanities gives a unique, durable look and can easily fit into the home décor. It provides the finest quality and adds elegance to the space. The Carrara Classic is highly stained resistant and does not require any sealing.   

Carrara Sand Valley Quartz

5.      The Power of Lighting

A soothing environment starts with lighting that emphasizes the look of Quartz slabs and gives a subtle feel to the space. A combination of Quartz slabs and soothing lights is perfect for calming the mind and soul and makes home renovation with quartz slabs perfect

Why To Perform Home Renovation with Quartz Slabs From Imperial Vanities?

Eventually, every space needs a revamp. Thus, it is better to choose the best that will set you free for years. Remodel your home with Quartz slabs from Imperial Vanities can set you free for years to come.

Imperial Vanities is the leading manufacturer of quartz slabs that combine the essence of nature and technology. Our products are inspired from mother nature and are engineered and crafted to make the most lavish and durable quartz slabs for commercial and residential spaces.So, this time when planning for home renovation with Quartz Slabs, contact Imperial Vanities and make a prominent choice.

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    We are Happy to help you!