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prefab quartz countertops for hotel design

Every business owner knows that they can make or break their business within the first few minutes of welcoming a customer. Individuals who are in the hospitality industry know how crucial the first impression is since it is the foundation of customer gratification. This begins from the time a guest steps into the lobby of your hotel. The entire hotel design can make a lasting impression on a guest. There are travel revellers who don’t only look for a place to crash but are fascinated by the exterior and interior decor. 

The look and feel of your hotel should be inviting and safe. This ranges from the lighting in the lobby to the furniture in all rooms. It is crucial to have comfortable furniture that is far from looking worn out. Also, the colors should be warm and welcoming such that every time a guest walks into your hotel they are reminded of the quality services you offer. 

Then comes the application of a premium-quality material like quartz that can add to the genuine luxury and comfort. Such applications ensure that your hotel design is remarkable enough for guests to fall in love with your space instantly. 

Reasons Why Quartz Is Perfect For Your Hotel Design 

Designers argue that the quality of materials used plays an important role in making a good first impression. One design material that is a favourite among architects is quartz. It is a great choice for many hotel applications such as reception surfaces, bar countertops, bathroom vanity tops and others. Also, it’s easy to maintain, durable, and aesthetically appealing making it a popular choice for use. 

Here are six compelling reasons to use quartz in your hotel design. 

1. Adds a luxurious finish to hotel design

You will never get a second chance in making a first impression. In this case, appealing to a guest begins at the reception area. A beautiful desk design will connect with guests every time they walk into your lobby. Quartz is a great option because it can wear elegant finishes that will always reinforce your hotel design. 

2. Easy maintenance

Did you know that quartz is non-porous? Therefore, it cannot be attacked by microorganisms, mildew, and bacteria. So, it becomes easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it is stain-resistant, so you do not have to worry if guests stain the countertops. Besides, it does not need to be sealed thus reducing budgetary costs. 

3. Can be used to prepare food

The non-absorbent property of quartz makes it ideal to use as a surface for food handling at the hotel. As mentioned earlier mildew, bacteria, microorganisms and germs cannot harbor the stone. It is resistant to scratches. So, you can cut food directly on the surface. The hotel design can accomplish this feature with kitchen countertops.

4. It fits different design themes

Quartz exists in different designs, shapes, and cuts. It can fit in perfectly with the theme of your hotel design and create eye-catching interiors. You can opt for a quartz slab that is similar to marble or opt for more colorful hues such as red, green, and royal blue. A huge variety of colors are available. Thus, it can complement any theme from a traditionally inspired look to a modern vision. 

5. It can be used in turn with other elements

There are two variants of quartz, manufactured and natural stone. These two are so similar that it would be hard to tell the difference. Also, quartz stones can blend with other natural stones such as granite and marble. Your hotel design doesn’t have to be boring with only one natural stone, you can play with different stones for your exterior and interior design.

6. Offers a perfect set for taking photos

You can create unique pieces of art, furniture or monuments with quartz that will attract guests. In turn, people will take photos, post them on social media and naturally market the hotel for you. 

Imperial Vanities – Offers A Collection Of Prefab Luxury Quartz For Hotel design

Imperial Vanities is a well-known name in the quartz industry. Thanks to our years-old experience and expertise, we deliver only the best quality quartz varieties that are meant to last for decades. 

If you are looking for the best quality quartz that can match your hotel design and its sophisticated aura, here are a few names:

Calacatta Verona 

This stone is a true replica of marble. Its elegant beauty lies in its subtle veining on a saintly white background. The color makes it an ideal candidate for any theme. It is durable and strongly resistant to stains as much as any other quartz. Hence, you can use Calacatta Verona in any kind of interior application.

Calacatta verona quartz counters | Imperial Vanities

Piatra Grey 

Almost the opposite of Calacatta is Piatra Grey. If you have a contemporary hotel design, this stone can be the perfect addition. It reflects dark grey textures that can complement dark color interiors or light color decor amazingly. It is a strong quartz material that can be used as a countertop, vanity top, or other customized applications.

Pelican White

If you don’t like installing plain white quartz, then Pelican White is the choice to go with. The delicate grey specks spread across the white base evoke a sense of elegance. Install the stone on your hotel reception desk and see how it catches your customer’s attention.  

Alphonso Star

Do you have a penchant for bright colors? Then Alphonso Star will surely touch your heart. This stone spreads its happy vibes with funky asymmetrical flakes on yellow base. Apply the quartz anywhere in your space and it will instantly add energy and charm.

It is important to note that all the above quartz varieties are not designed for exterior applications. They strictly excel in their function and beauty indoors. 

There are many more varieties in terms of colors and patterns to choose from. Now head on to our product category, and make the most of quartz to uplift the spirits of your hotel design.  

All the quartz products are available in prefabricated form! 

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    We are Happy to help you!