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Imperial Vanities Revealing Its New Quartz Slabs Collection

With a strong background and reputation as one of the most trustworthy names for premium quality countertops and bathroom vanities, Imperial Vanities has now expanded its horizon by adding quartz slabs to its repertoire. From now on we will be supplying clients from various industries with the finest quartz pieces from all around the globe. Imperial Vanities has put their experience in the construction and development of each slab using advanced technology and imported machineries that blends quartz with a polymer resin mix. Then, the air is removed from the material and is then heated and shaped into a Quartz slab. Some other things like ceramic, mirror, or glass may also be added to give it a distinct style. During this entire process, colour is also added to give an appealing look. Thus, the wide range of colour options, durable and less resistant to stains & scratches is one of the reasons why homeowners and designers alike love engineered quartz slabs.

Imperial Quartz Slabs Collection

We bring you the latest in design and color – Imperial Vanities is a pioneer manufacturer of quartz slabs and has a strict quality assurance to ensure our formal-looking slabs are always of high quality. Explore our quartz collection which works for kitchen, bathroom, flooring, walls, and commercial building and residential spaces

Our Technical Specifications

  • Quartz Dimensions

    Imperial Vanities offers slabs in various sizes includes- 127”x 64” 137”x 76”

  • Quartz Thickness

    We have 2 cm & 3 cm thickness of quartz slabs

Thickness of Quartz Countertops

Properties Quartz Slabs Possess

Engineered quartz slabs have greater flexibility and hardness but less porosity. Being uniform in structure, quartz slabs offer inherent strength. In contrast, Natural Stones are less durable, hard, and flexible due to porosity. Moreover, due to unprocessed behavior, natural stones contain cracks or fissures that cause weakness in the structure. Other properties that quartz slabs possess are as follows:- 

Durable - quartz property
Excellent Durability
Eco Friendly- quartz property
Versatile- quartz property
Flexible in Design
Quartz Slab Manufactured by advanced technology
Manufactured by advanced technology
easy to clean - quartz property
Easy to care and maintain
Quartz Slab Available in a wide range of colors, textures and patterns
Available in a wide range of colors, textures and patterns

Premium Stone Collection From Quartz Slab Manufacturer

Imperial Vanities is a leading quartz fabricator and supplier. Our quartz slabs range is remarkable and gorgeous. With our collection, you can be sure to achieve spellbound looks because It’s highly glamorous and made using top quality materials. It ensures a unique aesthetic experience that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. Moreover, being quartz slab manufacturer, we engineered our stones using superior technology making it resistant to chipping and breaking all the way through, meaning that you’ll enjoy the benefits of this advanced product for many years!

Areas of Applications

Engineered quartz slabs are becoming popular for interior decorations to create elegant and beautiful spaces like ever before. Its beauty and durability make it a desired choice for residential as well as commercial projects. Because of its hardness, non-porous nature, and stain-resistant, quartz slabs create a perfect option for covering restroom walls and kitchen countertops. 

Imperial Vanities - A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Quartz

Quartz is one of nature’s most durable stones. With its stain-, scratch- yet heat-resistant properties, it’s an exceptional stone choice for any home. Quartz countertops also resist acids and alkalis. This natural stone is easy to maintain as well – so you have less work to do in your kitchen!

Imperial Vanities is a quartz slab manufacturer in India. With the apt experience of quartz countertop, we are now mastering the art of designing, developing, and manufacturing quartz slabs. We stand apart from other quartz slab manufacturers in India because our products are fully customizable and can be used to create any interior finish.

We are Happy to help you!

    We are Happy to help you!