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Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends Combination with Natural Stone Slabs (1)

If you are designing your house your way with natural stone slabs or quartz surfaces, you must have thought of an amazing color theme, right? Well, who doesn’t? In fact, the best thing about designing your house your way is that you get to set your own theme. You get to decide everything like what color the walls should be, what should be quartz or granite color will set as per your interiors, how your kitchen will look like, what kind of indoor plantations you will have, and the best part, what will the entire color theme of the house.

We do agree that vibrancy is a thing that needs to be maintained throughout, but who likes an erratic color theme with no sense whatsoever? Everything from a doormat to the color of the door needs to be in perfect harmony with each other. Especially, if you are designing your kitchen, it needs to be perfectly in thematic synchronization. Check this blog to know the latest Kitchen Countertop design trends to follow. If you are the kind of person who pays attention to the very detail, then follow this article to decide the best kitchen countertops and cabinet colors that look best with each other and enhance the look of your space. Also, you will learn why following a color theme throughout your kitchen design is mandatory and followed by architects, engineers, interior designers, home renovators, homeowners, and more. So, enjoy our free guide.

Natural Stone Slabs and Quartz Surfaces That Matches With Your Kitchen Cabinets 

1. Silver-grey Quartz

Quartz is one of the most famous stone slabs trending in today’s time. Every kitchen is now upgrading to quartz Kitchen countertops. And those kitchens that don’t have quartz, haven’t really upgraded themselves to modern kitchen design trends. The reason why we say so is that quartz is one of the most desirable engineered stone slabs that is extracted and made available to suit any interior. One such color that quartz comes in is the majestic Silver-Grey. If you are in love with earthly colors and do not want your kitchen look to get too dull or too gaudy, silver-grey quartz will definitely do the needful for you. Pair this quartz slab with white furniture and drawers and your kitchen will display a next-level class and style for you. 

Grey Quartz With White Cabinets

2. Black Pearl Granite 

This is another natural stone slab that will brighten and highlight your kitchen like no other color theme would have done so far. The best thing about this granite slab is the variety of colors that it can be paired up with. As we all know, black is a versatile color. Anything looks good in black color.  Thus any color theme will go if you are setting up a black pearl granite stone in your kitchen area. Black pearl granite comes in different patterns and designs, so even if you do not want pitch black colored natural stone slab, you can go for mixed colors.

You can pair up this with vibrant kitchen accessories and cabinets like golden, green, blue, and pink. When designing your kitchen, choose your theme; for a royal look, we recommend black and gold for a majestic kitchen. Check this exclusive black granite at Imperial Exports

Black Pearl With Yellow Cabinets

3. Calacatta Bella Quartz 

Do you know what looks better than a plain white color? A Quartz surface that has magical white background lined with random black-blue veins running throughout the quartz slab. Calacatta Bella Quartz slabs look so majestic and marvelous, that it sometimes looks even better than plain black or white granite. After all, it is always better to mix things up! The best part about Calacatta Bella Quartz is that it has black-blue vein-like lined patterns running randomly throughout the slab. This will allow you to decorate the interiors of your kitchen with various color options. For example, if you pair this stone with teal-blue-colored kitchen cabinets and cutleries, it will look so classy and stylish. So if you want to design your kitchen with an innovative theme, you must go with this combination. 

Calacatta Bella White Quartz With Teal Blue Cabinets natural stone slab

4. Viscon White Granite 

Viscon White Granite is a beautiful natural stone slab, comprising veins and patterns running throughout the stone slab, but it consists of a slightly grey-silverish background. The stone texture makes it ideal to pair up with light or dark-shade kitchen cabinets. If you are planning to have brightly colored kitchen cabinetry, then it will go amazingly well with this natural stone slab. Check this exclusive white granite at Imperial Exports 

Viscon White Granite With Light Shade Cabinets natural stone slab

Best Natural Stone Slabs for Kitchen Cabinetries Must Check :

Now that we have already discussed the main natural stone slabs and quartz surfaces that go amazingly well in the kitchen countertop category, let us look at a few mesmerizing cabinet colour theme options that will go best with any of the above-mentioned natural stone slabs. 

1. Cabinets in a rich yellow color

Use yellow cabinet paint to give your kitchen a cheerful, upbeat feel. A warm vintage aesthetic is created in this space by the cheery yellow cabinets, vintage pendant lighting, and soapstone countertops. The cheerful color beckons visitors into this quaint cottage kitchen and highlights the straightforward cabinetry design.

2. Paint Colors for Cabinets in Mint

The harsh edges of this kitchen are softened by the pale mint-green cabinetry. The space is made brighter and reflects the backsplash’s glossy white subway tile thanks to the pastel paint tone. The result is a mix of modern and vintage thanks to the oil-rubbed bronze hardware and light fixture.

3. Kitchen Cabinets in Light Gray

A layer of grey paint gives built-in custom cabinets a clean, neutral appearance. A relaxed, comfortable kitchen ambiance is produced by the appealing combination of traditional cabinetry and contemporary warm grey paint. The contrast between the rich hardwood floors and clean white trim makes the paint on the cabinets appear to be a light taupe.

4. Traditional Blue Cabinet Colors

Kitchens with serene ocean-blue cabinets have a coastal feel to them. The beachy blue color makes a statement in this kitchen someone without overpowering because of the contrast with the white shiplap exterior and concrete countertops. This light blue paint hue has a slight grey undertone, so it complements stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel hardware perfectly.

5. Kitchen Cabinets in Sage Green

Sage’s earthy flavor is tasty as it is yet subtle enough to bring out other colors in the kitchen. Depending on the light, this green cabinet color reads as a sand-neutral or a delicate leaf green. Instead of using grey, consider painting your cabinetry with beautiful green.

6. Orange Kitchen Cabinets in a Spicy Tone

With a luscious citrus color, start over in the kitchen. The vivid orange cabinets brilliantly contrast the stark black countertops and glossy white backsplash in this room. A variety of oranges go nicely with the majority of grey variations of natural stone slabs, including subdued and charcoal tones.

7. Paint Colors for Charcoal Gray Cabinets

For a striking yet still-balanced cabinet paint color, choose dark charcoal grey. Blend deep slate cabinetry with bright white walls and elegant silver finishes with natural stone slabs containing a sophisticated design. The dark cabinet paint color provides depth to your kitchen while concealing scuffs in heavy traffic areas and looking stylish with stainless steel appliances.

8. Paint Colors for Greige Kitchen Cabinets

Warm beige and grey kitchen cabinets are glammed up with polished brass hardware. Combine strong color accents with neutral kitchen cabinet finishes, such as the brilliant yellow color of the traditional Windsor chairs in the breakfast room. Greige is a paint color with yellow undertones that blends well with warm accent colors.

9. Colors for Baby Blue Cabinets

A deep blue cabinet that is fashioned to resemble a standalone hutch injects some color into a cream and brown kitchen color scheme. Cabinetry that is blue shines out against neutral surroundings while being naturally relaxing. A slightly faded finish gives the blue cabinet a beautiful, vintage impression.

10. Pastel and Mauve Cabinets 

This is again one combination that everyone will love. When you are thinking of adding some feminine element to your kitchen cabinet, you can use this theme. In fact, this theme is so perfect and appealing, that it can be used with any lighter or darker countertop combination also. If you go for pastel pink or peach color, choose a darker shade of countertop. But, if your countertop is white or any lighter greyish colour, then you can go with mauve purple, or fuschia to match perfectly with the theme. 

Last but not least, do not forget to match your favorite natural stone slab and quartz surfaces kitchen countertop with cabinetry having similarly themed perfectly-designed cutleries and other kitchen accessories. Remember, a kitchen will only look good if you serve the best food in there with the best piece of cutlery. 

 Imperial Vanities – Leading Natural Stone Slabs and Quartz Countertop Supplier 

No matter how many artificial things you decorate your house with, you cannot neglect the elegance natural stone slabs and quartz surfaces provide. This is why to maintain the level and grade of elegance in your house, you need to find a top quartz slabs supplier and manufacturer that will provide you with the best quality stone slabs. One such distributor and supplier of quartz in the USA is Imperial Vanities. We are a leading supplier of Quartz and Natural Stone Countertops and have the best industrial experts who can help you with the fine selection as well as the installation of kitchen countertops in your space. So, look no further if you are all set to renovate your kitchen. Imperial Vanities have it all designed and curated for you. Connect us today!

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