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5 Myths On Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Plenty of options are available today for bathroom vanity countertops. It includes natural stones like granite, marble, but engineered stones like quartz are trending above all. Also, people have started installing engineered quartz countertops, both in commercial and residential settings. We also have some inspiring ideas to install quartz for your bathroom vanity countertops to elevate your interior. 

However, due to some myths, people sometimes get confused about the various choices available in the market. So, if you are facing such chaos then, you have reached the right place. 

Imperial Vanities is a renowned quartz countertops supplier and has brought you a guide to bust common myths about quartz countertops. As a reputed vanity tops supplier, we have tried our best to clear five common myths about bathroom vanity countertop that might be stopping you from making the best choice.

Some Common Busting Myths About  Bathroom Vanity Countertops Are

Installing the bathroom vanity countertop is a long-term investment. Hence, it is necessary to make a wise choice, especially if you are hesitant about the engineered quartz. And it is only possible if you can differentiate between the facts and myths about it.

So, let’s begin by busting some common myths about the quartz bathroom vanity countertops. 

1. Quartz Bathroom Vanity Countertops Are All Synthetic

It is a misconception that bathroom vanity countertop made from quartz are 100% synthetic. As far as the composition of the quartz is considered, it includes 90-95% remnants of natural stone and 5-10% of resins and color additives. 

Moreover, a quartz countertops manufacturer is bound to use at least 88% of natural quartz to engineer fabricated quartz countertops. Keeping the natural components in these concentrations is inevitable to maintain cohesiveness in the quartz countertops. Otherwise, the slab would not mimic the natural stone. 

One of our best bathroom vanity countertops, which are as elegant as granite, is Imperial Carrara.

Hence, vanity tops supplier claims that considering quartz countertops fully synthetic is a myth. 

Imperial Carrara Quartz Stone

2. Quartz is the Same As Quartzite

People also get confused between quartz and quartzite and assume both to be the same. Both quartz and quartzite share some similarities in their composition, but it is wrong to use them synonymously. 

Every vanity tops manufacturer prefers to use quartz for bathroom vanity countertop. However, quartzite is another natural stone that is preferred for tiles and slabs. Being a renowned bath vanity tops supplier, we can say that quartzite does not come in a variety of vibrant colors or patterns when compared to quartz. 

Moreover, the major reason behind this confusion is the abundance of silica both in quartz and quartzite. However, as quartz is prepared from remnants of natural stones, it sometimes has quartzite fragments, but individually they are two different construction materials.

3. Quartz is Hard To Maintain 

As a bathroom vanity tops supplier, we have observed that people are more inclined towards quartz because it is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. Also, the presence of resins makes the quartz stronger and more durable.

Moreover, quartz is a non-porous material, so it doesn’t require a sealant to prevent water, stain, or bacteria from reaching the inner layers. Thus, everything puts the exporter of quartz countertops in great demand. 

Hence, maintaining the quartz is much easier than any other material as far as bathroom vanity countertops are concerned.

4. Quartz Countertops All Look the Same

You might be hesitating to choose quartz for your bathroom vanity countertops, thinking that it would lack in variety as granite or marble. However, in reality, the quartz has the most elegant and versatile designs, colors, & textures. You can confidently go with our Arctic White (Oasis White) vanity countertops that give a classy vibe to your bathroom. 

Arctic White (Oasis White) Quartz

And you can either choose prefab quartz countertops or customize them to meet your requirements with Imperial Vanities. We also have varieties like Santuario and many others that resemble marble and provide you with the aesthetics of a modern bathroom.

5. Quartz is Prone to Chipping

Chipping is a huge concern for bathroom vanity countertops. Hence, durable material and a reliable bath vanity supplier can make a lot of difference. However, quartz is already in greater demand for its ability to withstand the test of time. And keeping the fact that it might chip or scratch while fabricating, quartz companies do not export it directly to homeowners or builders. 

Thus, you must contact a trusted quartz countertops supplier like Imperial Vanities to install bathroom vanity countertops that remain in their original condition for a long time. You can also read on this blog to know some Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Countertops For Your Home

Imperial Vanities Have a Varied Range of Quartz For Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Now, you are all set to make the right decision about choosing the perfect quartz bathroom vanity countertop, without any doubt. So, if you want to choose the premium quality prefab quartz countertops and are looking for vibrant options, feel free to visit Imperial Vanities today. Our collection of bathroom vanity countertops is for everyone to meet the needs for modern commercial and residential bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms

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