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Prefab quartz countertops

Prefab White Quartz Countertops are not a mere absence of color…, it is a shining and affirmative thing, 

As fierce as Red, 

As definite as Black.

white color is all about purity, cleanliness, and creating a peaceful aura. Therefore, we design our heart and soul of the home i.e. Kitchen in a pure white color to reflect the same attributes. Also, if you squiz into kitchen pictures on Pinterest or Facebook, or in any magazine, you will find an abundance of photos of White Kitchen Cabinets. Yes, they are popular and in trend nowadays! 

The white cabinets in the kitchen create a black canvas. It perfectly blends with varieties of kitchen accents like countertops, appliances, flooring, rugs, walls, etc.  But, this doesn’t mean that you do not have to put some thought or time into choosing the color of other kitchen essentials like your Prefabricated Quartz countertops.  In fact, the more spoilt choices result in more confusion and make the decision challenging to choose the perfect color for your prefab quartz countertops. Therefore, here we bring the perfect guide to select the colors that go well with your white kitchen cabinets like a Pro! Check out some of our best prefab quartz countertops colors, that the top interior designers also recommend:- 

1. White on White best prefab quartz countertops color! 

white kitchen countertop

Are you looking out for the classic and royal look of your kitchen? Then, try your hands on white quartz countertops with white kitchen cabinets. This will add a clean silhouette to your design and allow you to compliment any theme of decor. If you are exploring to style with a monochromatic color then you can go for pure white but it’s not necessary to do so. You can also add quartz countertops intricate with veins or speckles that resemble marble surfaces. For more details, explore our Himalayan and Luxor series to get the products crafted with utmost perfection.

2. Black on White! 

The oldies golden color “Black and white”. The only color that you can think of while contrasting with white is Black. It represents boldness and classicism in the aura and gives a nice chic look when complemented with white kitchen cabinets. Also, the black quartz countertops are easy to clean as they don’t get dirty certainly. Most of all, they can either add traditional or modern vibes to your kitchen as in the end, it all depends on what type of kitchen theme you want. For instance, Marquina Quartz is one of the popular black prefab quartz countertops from our collection. 

black prefab quartz countertops

3. Scandavian combination- Grey on White! 

Grey Prefab quartz countertops with white kitchen cabinets offer a sleek and industrial look, which is best for creating the contemporary style of kitchen interiors. Like black color, it will also add ultra-modern peppy vibes to space and is easy to clean and maintain. If you like bold colors in your kitchen, then this combination is good to go.

4. Wooden Theme Kitchen- Brown on White! 

The brown color prefab quartz countertops with white kitchen cabinets will introduce the splash of natural vibes in your kitchen aura. If you are the person who loves to be in eco-themed decor, then this combination is the right answer you are looking for. Moreover, wooden cookware and indoor plants will add “cherry on the top” to this combination. 

5. Bright, Bright, Kitchen- Bright Colors on White! 

If you like to infuse the splash of colors onto your kitchen countertops to bring peppy vibes, then opt for bright quartz surfaces like blue, green, yellow quartz stone. For more details, you can explore our Mirage series consisting of the collection you would love to check on. 

Imperial Vanities:  Shop all the varieties of colors and Prime Range of Prefab Quartz Countertops 

Whatsoever color you choose from the suggestions given above, you will land to the luxurious and fine crisp appeal as you always dream of. To dive deep into our product range, here are some of our best-selling products to go ahead with the above-mentioned combinations: You can choose White Quartz Stone from our product section to go white on white in your kitchen. Also, if you like specks and veins, you can pick Carrara Dark Quartz stone. 

prefab quartz countertops for white kitchen cabinets

You can pick Marquina Quartz – Our best-selling stone to get the black and white combination. 

For scandivian appeal of the kitchen, pick Pure Grey, Mystic Grey, Piatra Grey, and many more options available. Select Desert Brown and Ginger tan to go for wooden shade in your kitchen.  For bright colors, select any stone from our mirage series collection of prefab quartz countertop that includes Alphanso Star, blue star, Azulite star, and many more. 

Imperial Vanities Being the leading manufacturer and supplier of prefab quartz kitchen countertops in India. We deal in providing a wide and fantastic range of colors and styles. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the exclusive collection of our stones by visiting our website or call to place an inquiry. 

Is there any other combination we have missed out on? Comment down below which combination has inspired you the most? 

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    We are Happy to help you!