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Homeowners and interior designers often have a fascination with the idea of using quartz stones for various purposes in the house. Quartz countertops are used to construct interior structures, such as kitchen countertops and tabletops. Today, Australia is the largest importer of quartz countertops. This country is a great hub for quartz countertops Suppliers in Australia, which is why it becomes extremely important for us to know the best quartz countertop export country in Australia. In this blog, we will explore the best quartz stones used in construction and learn why Imperial Vanities India is considered the best quartz countertop supplier in Australia.

The Reason Behind the Obsession With Quartz 

We strictly make sure that any statement we use comes after a lot of research and the market’s latest observation, so when we use the word ‘obsession’, it suits perfectly well in this case. The Australian population of homeowners, interior designers, and architects is highly grooving over the applications and benefits of using quartz countertops in their houses. The reason behind this is quite straightforward. There are various benefits of using quartz such as – 

1. Resistance 

Any material that you use in the kitchen should be highly resistant to mainly two factors: heat and water. Quartz is one such material that is highly resistant to heat and water. This means that you can seriously use this as a countertop and can put all the worries about heat damage and water clogging behind you. 

2. Durability 

With the advent of newer technologies in the engineering field, we have been able to engineer such good quality quartz material that is by far the sturdiest natural stone. As per the Mohs Hardness Scale, quartz has seven out of ten ratings. This hardness rating makes engineered quartz a high-quality product for kitchen countertops. This means that in addition to being durable, it is also resistant to minor wear and tears like scratches, cracks, and chips. 

3. Long lasting

Quartz countertops can last up to an unimaginable age of up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. Once you get a countertop installed, you won’t need to worry about its regular repair and periodic maintenance. But this is only doable if you get the best quartz from the best quartz countertop suppliers in Australia. 

4. Non-porous

Our quartz stones are totally non-porous. This effectively renders it impermeable and able to survive regular use in busy areas. Because of their non-porous construction, quartz countertops are simple to maintain. Countertops can easily be cleaned by you using soap and water. Therefore, maintaining clean, fresh countertops doesn’t require as much time or money as it once did.

The Best Quartz Stones  

The 3 best quartz stones that can be used in your home’s interiors are – 

1. Carrara Classic

The white stone has a stunning aspect that endures over time owing to an elaborate pattern of swirling grey stone.

Carrara Classic Quartz

2. Calacatta Bella

Adding Calacatta Bella quartz to your home can help you achieve a straightforward, peaceful, yet dynamic style. Additionally, it imitates the genuine appearance of genuine marble while requiring less upkeep than marble.

3. Blanco Snow

Blanco Snow quartz, which is renowned for its simplicity, also has a calming optical impact on the spectator’s eyes. The stone is scarcely slippery and has a strong index of attrition.

The reason behind this is they are –

  1. Available in stunning natural patterns and designs at our store.
  2. They are highly resistant to heat and water and all other peculiar features mentioned above. 
  3. They are available at a very affordable cost with us. 

Thus, the kind of quality that we deliver added to the kind of price bucket that makes our brand the best quartz countertop supplier in Australia. So, if you are looking for quartz countertop suppliers in your region, Imperial Vanities can turn out to be a great exporter of quality quartz countertops from India. Our idea is to change your home completely. Contact us to know more.

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    We are Happy to help you!