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Quartz Kitchen Countertop

You have probably seen or heard about Quartz Countertops somewhere. Its usage has become so versatile that you cannot but come in contact with it one way or another.

From installing Quartz countertops in the kitchen to having them for your commercial space quartz does wonder in every style and has become a favorite stone of homeowners, interior designers, and architects.

You do know Quartz is a beauty to behold? But what else can you tell about Quartz?

Here are five fascinating facts that you must know about Quartz countertops to make an informed decision.

1. Quartz Is Engineered

You may be of the thought that Quartz is mined, just like other natural stones. Well, Quartz isn’t. Quartz, in fact, is an engineered stone or a cultured stone, that is actually a by-product of other natural stones.

The material used in the production of countertops is not raw Quartz. Instead, the material often contains about 90% Quartz dust and other mineral fillers. The 10% left consists of pigments, polymeric binders, and resin to bind the components together. The components after the production process will then give a variant of Quartz products.

2. Quality Quartz Comes With A Price

With a price, yes, but certainly an affordable one. Depending on the quality of the Quartz you want, the prices vary hugely.

If you like the engineered stone countertops of high-quality and for a longer time frame, you should go for a cultured stone-like Bianco Star by Imperial Vanities.

Compared to marble stones, Quartz is usually less expensive. However, it is costlier than granite. This is so because the advances in technology have made production more expensive.

Also, because the man-made stone has become so commonly used in hotel industries and malls to add a luxurious look to your interiors that, granite is now left behind. The decrease in demand for granite will cause it to be cheaper than the value of quartz.

3. Mimic Any Countertops Style With Quartz

Just because Quartz countertops are not natural stones, there are a lot of patterns and styles you can get as an option to customize the quartz countertops. They could have a marble-like look, a granite-like look, or a Quartz look itself. It could have crystal fragments. It could also be plain colored or patterned.

If you are intrigued by a cool dark patterned kitchen countertop that is more natural-looking then check out Ushus Brown quartz stone by Imperial Vanities. In short, whatever design idea you may have, you can get it on Quartz Countertop or vanity top.

4. Quartz’s Use Did Not Begin As A Countertops!

The sudden increase in the usage of Quartz kitchen countertops may make you think that it is a new concept. Well, it isn’t. The inventor of Brentonstone, in the mid-1960s, began to produce engineered stones with blocks of resin and limestone. The stones back then were used to produce tiles because large slabs would always curve during production.

Then after about 10 years of experimentation, there comes the granite-like Quartz stone that could be customized into various shapes and sizes. That’s how, now, we have started installing engineered stone as our bathroom and kitchen countertops.

5. Quartz Countertops is Eco-Friendly

Now you know that Quartz can be used for many purposes and for producing kitchen quartz countertops and vanity tops, you should also know that the Quartz countertop is eco-friendly in nature. The dust and other minerals used in the production are waste products from major quarrying activities.

For example, during the mining of iron ore, the most valuable end piece is used. The excess waste products which would contribute to ecosystem degradation are taken as the main product in Quartz’s manufacturing.

Besides, the polymeric binder used in binding the aggregates together is more natural than synthetic. Breton’s polymeric binder, named Biolenic Resin is a combination of organic resin from non-food vegetable oil and artificial resin.

The method of production also makes use of little energy.

Hence, Quartz countertops are considered a suitable and eco-friendly choice to make.

Finally, apart from the common uses of Quartz you may be familiar with, like kitchen countertops, the stone is also used on the floors and walls. The next time you go to the mall, the airport, or train stations, you will probably be walking on floors made from Quartz. That’s how much quartz has become popular.

Imperial Vanities – The Quartz Countertops Expert

When it comes to the best quartz countertop material, Imperial Vanities is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Quartz countertops. In addition, we also manufacture quartz backsplashes. Our brand name reflects the products we offer.

Beyond that, we also make efforts in delivering customized quartz kitchen countertops and vanity tops to install them in the hotel industry, malls, in commercial or residential space. We understand the vision you have for your space. Imperial Vanities immerse ourselves in your vision and come with a product that represents your taste.

We also dive into insights like the finish, edge profile, thickness, and shape. We personalize all of these features to align it with your requirements.

Next time if you wish for the best quartz countertop, Imperial Vanities is the brand you need!

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