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Granite vs. Quartz Stone? This question may emerge in every homeowner’s mind when thinking about remodeling or building the home, especially the kitchen. Granite is a 100% natural igneous rock made from the crystallization of magma. It is a granular stone that is tough and lacks any internal structure. 

On the other hand, the quartz stone is a combination of ground quartz, resins, polymers, and pigments. It is a human-made engineered stone. The context given ahead is a concise comparison between quartz and granite. It will set yourself free from all the assumptions and help you choose the best stone for your project.

Which One Has The Better Appearance?


Having large grains that every unaided eye can see, this igneous rock usually comes in red, pink, grey, and white color. But when it comes to modest kitchen complement, you can choose from virtually limitless options available in the market. And the unique thing is no two granite slabs are the same.


The appearance of quartz is the aspect that most people find fascinating. Quartz possesses both the much-needed properties like toughness and flexibility to customize.

Quartz Stone countertop

In terms of appearance, granite offers natural beauty and comes in many different colors and patterns. At the same time, quartz stone pairs easily with your color scheme no matter which shade of quartz you choose.

Which One Is Budget-Friendly?


Granite comes in a wide price range. It can save your money as you can install the granular stone yourself purchasing slabs from a wholesaler. Or, you can do some of the prior work and leave the rest for professionals. Fabrication and installation tasks are suggested to be performed professionally.


Before installation, space is checked if it is acceptable structurally. Also, the quartz stone is quite substantial. Hence, a skilled installer is necessarily needed. 

So, the price difference is not huge. Both the stones are priced almost the same per square foot. Granite comes in a broader price range while the cost of quartz changes with the manufacturing procedures followed.

Which One Is Eco-Friendly?


Granite is quarried from mines, and it is the only way to get it for your kitchen. Quarrying is quite endeavoring in itself. In one way, granite is processed without any use of chemical, which makes it environmentally friendly. However, when ordered from across the border, transportation will end up using immense energy.


Naturally, quartz stone is a friend to the environment. It has a better replacement life. And, the best thing – it is recyclable. Besides, quartz is an engineered material; hence when bought from a local manufacturer, it can be even more eco-friendly, cutting down the distance to be transported.

Which One Requires Less Maintenance?


Since granite is a natural occurring stone and comes with higher porosity level, hence it is more prone to moisture and liquids which means if you are using granite as kitchen countertops, you should get them resealed once in a year. Doing this, you can ensure your investment can go for a long run. Granite requires daily cleaning. Use soap or mild household cleaner for every wash.


Similarly, you can maintain quartz stone by cleaning it with soap and water or a household cleaner. The best part is these countertops are not needed to be resealed. 

Finally, both are easy to maintain though some oils and acids can stain granite.

Which One Is More Durable?


Granite is heat resistant and a durable material overall. But it’s porosity invites stain if liquids are left sitting on it. Also, you need to be careful with heavy objects as high impact over the countertop can damage the stone.


Quartz stone is hard. It is reliable, non-porous, and thus bacteria-free. But again, a heavy utility like a pan can damage it. Also, using heating pads is necessary as high heat can damage its appearance. If we compare both granite and quartz on the Mohs scale, both acquire number 7 in terms of toughness.

Do you know why Quartz Stone Is Much More Popular Than Granite?

Granite vs. Quartz Stone, Though quartz is more susceptible to damage from heat than granite, here is what makes quartz so accessible.

  • It stains less
  • Matches better with the color scheme
  • Catches lesser bacteria
  • Grabs fewer cracks
  • Is more eco-friendly
  • Is almost indestructible

Which One To Choose?

Whenever it comes to selecting between Granite vs. Quartz Stone or natural stone and a human-made stone, there are a lot of factors involved. Most importantly, it depends on your project requirements and your taste. Besides, you also need to consider your budget and how much you need to invest from transportation to installation. 

Let us make the right choice by taking an example. You need a stone for your kitchen countertop. Your kitchen is a busy place and receives constant foot traffic. Plus, you also have kids at home. Considering the requirements, you need a stone that can endure abuse from all types of stains and require very little maintenance. Quartz stone ticks all the boxes compared to granite, which requires a bit more care than quartz. 

Imperial Vanities is a leading supplier and exporter of Kitchen Countertops and Bath Vanity Units. We offer a wide range of quartz countertops to match any application in your residential or commercial property. If you are looking to install quartz, reach out to us. And we will make sure the design is tailor-made as per your project, taste, and budget!

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