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quartz countertops outside the kitchen

Many people have the misconception that Quartz countertops only belong in the kitchen. However, this can further be from the truth because they can be installed in different areas and spaces. 

Quartz countertops have made a niche for themselves and many people consider having them not only for their functionality but also their aesthetic appeal. 

Although quartz slabs are made from engineered stone, they mimic natural stone without the latter’s complications. There is a wealth of quartz types that you can use for countertops for different spaces. 

Let’s go ahead and explore some of the popular spaces! 

Where Else Can Countertops Be Installed? 

1. Laundry area

If you have a spacious laundry room then you will appreciate having a flat surface for folding and sorting out clothes. A quartz countertop is an excellent surface for your laundry room. It is durable and visually appealing. 

Imperial Beige coloured quartz countertops are a good choice because the light background will make the room bright and spacious.

2. Makeup area

Beauty products tend to pile up and make a lot of clutter. If you are having trouble keeping up with your makeup then you can organize them on a quartz countertop. 

You can opt for white Carrara floating quartz countertops with matching white cabinets. 

3. Barbeque top

The outdoor experiences harsh conditions thus when choosing a material for a countertop functionality should be a priority. Quartz stone slabs are durable material but should not be exposed to UV rays. This is because they will cause discoloration of the stone.

quartz countertops for barbeque station

You can opt for a dark colour such as Galaxy Star that will disguise the discoloration and stains. 

4. Poolside area

Swim-up pool bars are becoming common features at the poolside. They are mostly made out of the same material as the swimming pool. But you can choose to have a beige or earth tone quartz countertop because the colours do not retain heat. 

Ginger Tan has a brownish appearance that will add a natural finish to the poolside. You can cut the stone in your desired preference.

5. Reception desk

The reception area is usually the first thing that a visitor encounters. Therefore you must choose a material that is welcoming. Quartz slabs are durable and aesthetically appealing making them a great fit for this use. 

You can choose a bold colour such as Carrara dark quartz stone slabs that will add a touch of elegance to space. 

6. Window sill

We focus a lot on the kitchen countertops that we forget little finishes such as the window sill. They are not only part of the building but they can be decorative elements too. If you have a quartz kitchen countertop then you should match it with the window sill. 

For instance, you can use Graphite Star quartz countertops that give your kitchen a modern yet sophisticated look. For uniformity, you can use it for your window sill and other elements like flooring. 

7. Side table

If you are out of space then forget about a coffee table and consider having a side table. In this case, one with a quartz countertop. You can choose to add a personal touch to it and choose a colour that your heart desires.

quartz countertops for side tables

You can opt for Carrara white quartz slabs that give the illusion that your space is bigger. Plus, white goes with any decor. However, if you would love a pop of colour then choose Azulite Star quartz countertops that have a light blue surface with felt blue speckles. It will truly stand out. 

8. Bar counter

Quartz stone slabs are a good option for a bar counter because it is non-porous hence it will have a clean look. Also, it is low maintenance, resistant to stains, antibacterial free and it exists in a wide range of colours. 

Imperial Marquina quartz countertops add a touch of elegance. You can match the countertop colour with the bar stools. 

9. Bathroom vanity

You can make the vanity top the focal point of your bathroom by choosing quartz slabs. As bathrooms are susceptible to mold formation, quartz countertops serve as the toughest choice. 

Azulite Star might be an unusual colour for a vanity top but it will stand out. 

Imperial Vanities Is The Ultimate Destination For Top Quality Quartz Countertops

Imperial Vanities is a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality quartz stone slabs. We craft quartz countertops not just for the kitchen, but any space in your residential or commercial project. We carve our stone to perfectly fit your requirements in terms of size, cut, and finish. 

Imperial Vanities customize quartz countertops in bulk quantities in the USA and Canada. Besides, even if you are looking to buy a single tailored unit, we are here to cater to our customers’ needs. 

Connect with us to know more about our products and services! 

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