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Premium Quartz Slabs For Hotel Decor

In the past few years, travel and tourism have experienced an exponential rise. This has led to rising hotel culture worldwide. Hotels nowadays put several efforts to increase their ambiance and the first step in this journey goes through an apt tiling choice. Premium quartz slabs are one of the top preferred quality stones. People prefer quartz nowadays when planning to design their commercial space. You can learn Why Quartz Is The Ultimate countertop Choice, by reading this blog.

There are a variety of styles of quartz slabs with varying application areas. The article covers some premium quartz slabs and a place where you can get them all at your preferred choice – Imperial Vanities. 

Some Popular Quartz Slabs

1. Elegant White Quartz

Have you wondered about those bright-looking tabletops and countertops in a nearby hotel? Elegant white premium quartz slabs make the perfect choice for any tiling purpose in your hotel, lounge, or restaurant. With elegant white quartz, you don’t need to worry about spots, stains, and etching anymore. You can use it for reception desks to catch everyone’s eyes entering the space. 

Blanco snow quartz is a great choice for enhancing the look of your hotel. Though you can use it anywhere in the hotel including the restroom and kitchen area, using it in the areas of greatest impact is the best choice one can make. 

2. Premium White Quartz 

Various modern-looking hotels and lounges prefer to use white countertops to increase the aesthetics of their space. White is an indication of cleanliness, especially in restaurants and hotels. Many of you may step back with the name ‘white’. Well, with premium quartz slabs offered by Imperial Vanities, spills and marks are never an issue. We offer slabs that require less maintenance and are attractive. So, you don’t need to compromise on looks! Some of the best stones include Calacatta Verona , Calacatta Neo Gold, and Calacatta Venice.

Calacatta Neo Gold Quartz Slab Flooring

3. Design With Cararra Quartz

A place that’s always looked forward to is the restroom of a hotel or restaurant. A well-furnished and thoughtfully build restroom is yet another way for impressing your customers. There’s no looking back for a restroom designed with Cararra Quartz. This stone offers a delicate though astonishing look to the restroom. Furthermore, using premium quartz slabs in the restroom can reduce its maintenance by many folds. Quartz does not require any sealing and requires easy maintenance. Carrara Classic and Carrara Lace are some of the frequently bought Carrara Quartz.

Carrara Lace Quartz Stone

4. Statutory Classic Quartz

The main attraction of any hotel is its furniture. An exotically made dining table can attract anyone’s eyes. Statutory class quartz is the best stone you can use as your tabletop. The best part about it is its marble-like look. It should be noted that quartz should not be used for exterior tiling for areas under direct sun contact. Whereas, for interior furniture, statutory classic premium quartz slabs are one-of-a-kind stones to be used. Some of the best quartz stones for tiling are Sparkle White and Winter White readily available at Imperial Vanities. 

Sparkle White Quartz

5. Evergreen Calacatta Quartz

On the way to decorate your space with premium quartz slabs? Evergreen Calacatta Quartz is one of the popular flooring and tiling choices. These quartz slabs are best for your crowded reception desk. Also, it keeps the space hygienic and makes it look cleaner and spacious. This stone is good for all contemporary, modern, or traditional lounges or hotels. Among all, Calacatta Bella is the most preferred premium quartz slabs.

Get Premium Quartz Slabs At Imperial Vanities

While decorating your space, quartz can be one of the highest quality stones that can make your space look more aesthetic. Also, prefab quartz can bring luxury to your hotel design. To know about this read on the blog

Now select your favorite quartz slabs from the leading manufacturer of quartz slabs, Imperial Vanities. We manufacture and export large quantities of countertops, kitchen countertops, and bath vanities. Get the best from the best! You can contact us for any bulk orders!

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    We are Happy to help you!