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Quartz Countertop

Over many decades, quartz has gained much popularity among homeowners and has become their favorite among all other natural stones. However, people from different regions prefer different natural stones to be used in their houses. In contrast, quartz is quite popular and in demand today, especially in Poland. Many Polish designers and architects go on in search of exotic and stunningly designed quartz countertops. Which is why quartz countertop supplier in Poland have increased exponentially from India. This blog will let you know some of our best quartz slabs that are becoming more and more popular, especially in Poland. 

Why does Poland Import Quartz Slabs?

Poland has a fair amount of natural resources available. Our deposits can be divided into four groups: raw materials for stone, metal, chemicals, and energy. Although it is a hub for natural stone, many of the building owners prefer using Quartz slabs nowadays, which they import from India. 

Secondly, the main reason behind such a huge stone requirement in Poland is because of its geography. One of the principal tectonic borders in Europe runs across the region of central and eastern Poland along the line between Koszalin and Lublin. This is why most of the quartz slabs demand in Poland has increased and quartz countertop supplier in Poland were able to take great benefit of it. Many people refer to Poland as the “Hub of Quartz” for this reason.

But again, as important as it is, just having access to a lot of quartz stone is not enough unless you have a resourceful and productive team of experts to dig out the best for your clients. Since we have the best team of workers with us, we undoubtedly become one of the best quartz countertop supplier in Poland. 

Let us now show you the best quartz countertop from our collection.

 Imperial Vanities, The Best Quartz Countertop Supplier in Poland   

Although we have great varieties of quartz slabs and other natural stones available for export, in this section, we will just show you the 3 best quartz countertops offered to our clients in Poland –

1. White Lace Quartz 

See how beautiful this quartz slab would look if you install it in your house. This beautiful and majestic quartz slab is white in colour having naturally-formed veins running spatially throughout. The overall charm of this stone is so high, that no matter whether you install it in the kitchen or in the restroom, it would not fail to amaze you and the visitors. This stone is highly water resistant too, which makes it the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Quartz Countertop

2. Lunar Grey Quartz

This is one of our most in-demand products. Lunar Grey Quartz slabs are known for their simplicity and elegance. You can use it as a kitchen countertop to bring in brightness and light. The colour is white with greyish waves flowing randomly throughout the surface. 

3. Carrara Lace Quartz

This quartz is unique for its bluish veins running all throughout a white background. In fact, it is so charming that most of our customers do not even want to see other options after they have seen this slab. This is because the combination of the bluish veins and the white background creates a truly stunning effect. As a result, this quartz is loved by both homeowners and quartz distributors alike. It is available at our factory. Get this quality stone from a top quartz countertop supplier in Poland. 

If you are wondering where to find the best quartz countertop supplier in Poland, your search ends at Imperial Vanities. We are the leading quartz slabs Manufacturer and Supplier and export to major countries including Poland. Know more about us in this detailed blog. We have the best Quartz stone collection. So whether you need a slab of quartz or even marble, or granite, we are here to serve you the best. Contact our experts to get the best price for the products

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    We are Happy to help you!