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Coming out of regular wood cabinets, many people are heading towards white countertops. And why not when white countertops amplify the modernity of your kitchen and make them appear much larger. If you are planning to install white countertops but struggling to finalize the right material, this article will surely help you.  When it comes to white stone, marble is what strikes your mind first. As the natural stone is incredibly attractive and brings in prestige. However, the maintenance it requires is what turns out to be a headache for the owner.  Interestingly, you can achieve the same classic look of natural stone with engineered quartz stone. Because of its high quality, quartz is shining as the most relevant material for kitchen countertops nowadays. It requires less maintenance than marble. It is both sleek and beautiful. And finally, it can bring classic charm to any space.

Hence, for those who are planning for white countertops demanding the least maintenance, quartz is the best alternative.  Have a look at these delicate white quartz kitchen countertops that come with all the superiority of marble – but don’t bother you for the upkeep. 

1. Bianco Star Quartz  Stone

Manufactured by a leading quartz manufacturer, Imperial Vanities, Bianco Star quartz stone is an impressive marble-like stone. Known for its aesthetic depth and authenticity, the quartz stone shows off white background with striking silver specks. It resembles marble so closely that not many people can make out.


  • It is a high-end product. 
  • Durable, food-safe, and stain-resistant. 
  • Affordable and provides a suitable warranty. 
  • Matches any design application 

2. Winter White Quartz stone

Imperial Vanities manufactures the finest quality of stones that are a combination of natural quartz and other materials. It offers styles like plain, fine grain, coarse grain, or veined and finishes like a volcano, suede, and polished. 

Featuring a true natural aesthetic, Winter White quartz stone is a luxurious alternative to marble. This flashy white quartz stone with tiny silver grains appears remarkably gorgeous. Using it as your quartz kitchen countertop will make you feel a breath of fresh air. 


  • Very resistant to staining. Even strong staining sources drop out. 
  • Non-porous and hence easy to clean and maintain.
  • Looks equally beautiful as it was on the day of installation. 

3. Carrara Dark Quartz

As almost a look-alike of the famous Carrara Marble, Carara Dark quartz stone has earned enough reputation in the world of quartz kitchen countertops.

Carrara Dark is one of Imperial Vanities’ finest products that relate very well to white marble stone. Compared to other specked design options, this quartz design is less dramatic and subtle. From its movement and depth of color, everything is perfect with this material. The look is genuine and the grey veining is on point. 


  • Provides a touch of high-end indulgence.
  • Stain-resistant and non-porous
  • Durable and easy to maintain as every other quartz countertop. 

4. Cosmo Quartz Stone

Cosmo Quartz Stone

Cosmo quartz stone is another winning quartz option to achieve a marble look. With a bright white backdrop graceful veining, this countertop material comes up with the beauty of marble and the benefits of quartz. 

The material is available in a polished finish as well as an unpolished look. Bringing it home as your quartz kitchen countertop would be a phenomenal choice. It is especially outstanding for lighter kitchens and demands texture in the layout.  


  • The polished finish is quite easy to maintain. 
  • It can blend well with darker colors like dark hardwood floors as a contrast.  
  • Resistant to normal wear and tear

5. Satuario

Satuario Quartz Countertops

If you have a strong liking for Italian Satuario Marble, Imperial Vanities has an exclusively resembling masterpiece. The quartz stone offers a luxurious feel with its sophisticated texture and grey veining. It is a perfect alternative to white marble and far cheaper than Italian marble stones. 

If you have a modern kitchen design, Satuario will smoothly fit without you having to make any major changes. 

  • Available in a contemporary palette grey and white. 
  • Invokes portrayals of soft waves. 
  • Comes up with a full-time warranty.
  • Quite affordable. 

Imperial Vanities: High-Quality Quartz Countertop Supplier

Imperial Vanities specializes in manufacturing high-quality quartz kitchen countertops. We extract the stone from the best quarries in India and fabricate it to serve for a lifetime. The dozens of varieties we produce easily envy Italian marble, India marble, and other natural stone like granite. And that’s what makes us a leading exporter of quartz worldwide. 

We have some of the most talented craftsmen that create bespoke quartz stone design solutions for our customers. Are you on the hunt for finding the best quartz kitchen countertop that is affordable yet luxurious and unique? We are here to fulfill your design requirement! Please get in touch with us to explore our beautiful collection of quartz varieties.

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    We are Happy to help you!