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Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Every year, kitchen design trends update with a new twist and style. One of the primary elements in these changing trends is the granite and marble Kitchen countertop.  It befriends you throughout its lifetime taking the abuse from acids, alkalis, and scratches from knives and utensils. And over time, its beauty and functionality may fade away.

Once your kitchen countertop looks dull, it tends to make the entire kitchen look dead. And countertops being the focus of any kitchen, needs some extra attention. Hence, renovating it from time to time is the most affordable and effective way to bring your kitchen back to life.

Also, COVID-19 has taught us how we are going to spend the maximum time at home. Considering this time as the golden chance, you can revive your kitchen design as you always wished. 

The read given next will take you on a journey to easy steps to perfectly renovate your kitchen countertop. Stick to the plan, and you are sure to create an attractive and practical kitchen for yourself! 

Quick Steps to Renovate Kitchen Countertop-

1: Choose The Best Material for your Kitchen

2: Pick the right finish and style

3: Decide your budget and find a reliable supplier

4: How much do kitchen countertops really cost?

Sounds interesting? Now get into details of these steps, to check how to do it.

Step 1: Choose The Best Material for your Kitchen

Granite is the most widely used material for countertops and islands. Marble is the second most popular stone for kitchens and quartz has increasingly stepped into the kitchen countertop industry and became popular in a short span of time. So how do you choose the right material for your kitchen? 

Granite comes first because it is an extremely hard stone. Even the scratches from your knives are not sharp enough to damage the stone! Plus, it is also resistant to other wear and tears in the kitchen. And with proper sealing, it requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifespan that lasts for decades. 

Marble, on the other hand, is a delicate stone with a softer character. Yet, no other natural stone can mimic the luxurious look it provides. If you want a fancy striking look of marble you need to take care of it more than granite. That said, covering it with proper sealing keeps it strongly resistant to scratches, cracking, and breaking. 

Experts suggest that the material should always depend on how frequently your kitchen receives traffic. Marble is the best stone for minimum traffic areas while you can go with granite if your kitchen experiences heavy traffic but if luxury is your agenda then you can also opt for engineered stones like quartz. One of the main advantages of choosing this material is its non-porous nature which plays a major role in keeping your countertops moisture and bacteria free. You may check out our range of Luxor Series kitchen countertops available in various colors and designs.

Step 2: Pick the right finish and style

After choosing the material that matches your requirements, it’s time to decide the style now. Styling includes colours, its variations, and finishing. All of this completely depends on whether your kitchen interiors reflect traditional vibes or it is sleek and modern.  

In case you need a kitchen countertop for country-style interiors, the colours are typically limited to brown, red, blue, green, and yellow. And for a contemporary kitchen, you may go for grey, black, white, and other subtle ones like beige.

Coming to the finish, it plays a huge role in how your kitchen countertop looks and feels. Honed and polished finish are two of the best options. The honed finish offers a matte-like appearance with a less reflective surface. It is smooth, adds a lot of grace and gives a rustic feel. 

The polished finish is just the opposite. It offers high-gloss and mirror-like shine to the countertop which attracts anyone. As it is less porous, it keeps the surface clean and hygienic. But to maintain the shimmer, extra care is needed in its maintenance.

Step 3: Decide your budget and find a reliable supplier

Figuring out the budget for kitchen countertop renovation often comes first. But you can even think of it after you’ve decided the stone and style you love. Yes, it is necessary to keep the choice by staying inside a budget. But, often the cost of renovation highly varies from one company to another. 

So, the first thing is to choose a reliable supplier that offers the best solutions at a reasonable price. Explore the best stone manufacturers and suppliers and choose the one that is accredited and provides services as per international standards. 

In the end, remember to consider how big you want your renovation plan to be? Are you just looking to replace your old countertop? Or do you want to redesign it by changing its location in the kitchen? Decide this as both will significantly vary in terms of cost. 

Step 4: How much do kitchen countertops really cost?

The cost of both natural and engineered (man-made) stones for kitchen countertops differs in many ways. The price varies depending on the thickness, colour, dimensions, and the overall design you are looking for. The cost also changes as per different regions. However, rest assured that both options for countertops are affordable.

Imperial Vanities- One of the best suppliers of premium quality countertops

With a real focus on customer satisfaction, Imperial Vanities offers high-quality kitchen countertops at a cost-effective price range. Whether you require fancy granite/ marble slabs or finished quartz countertops, we have them all in different shades and textures. 

For decades, we have been providing excellent services for renovation projects, keeping customer value, safety, and design requirements at the core. We also guarantee to help you accomplish your renovation plan on time and on budget. 

Reach out to Imperial Vanities, to bring your dream kitchen countertop home at the best price!

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    We are Happy to help you!