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unique quartz countertops by imperial vanities

Have you been thinking about getting a new kitchen countertop? Perhaps, you may be struggling to choose the right material. Granite or marble? Sandstone or ceramic? Well, you don’t have to look far because there is a material that provides combined strength or natural and artificial products – unique quartz countertops. 

A lot of people avoid using this stone because they think it’s manmade. However, quartz is 90% all-natural and only 10% engineered. It is mixed up with resins and pigments to add colors and patterns that make it stand out. Quartz is quickly becoming the creme Dela creme of interior design because it is durable. Meaning it won’t crack, chip, or break easily. It is rated at a 7 on the Moh scale of mineral hardness. Also, it is non-porous thus you don’t have to worry about moisture, bacteria, mildew, and stains. In addition, it is a low-maintenance stone. Its versatility makes it a great piece to be used in any space with any style.

Unique Quartz Countertops Style You Should Consider For Your Next Project

Choosing a design style for your space can seem a bit intimidating because there are immense styles. However, it all depends on what your theme is going to be and you have to ensure that other elements easily come into play with the style. There are many unique quartz countertops to opt for your space but you have to also consider the design style. Here is a bit of inspiration to get you started.

1. Contemporary design

This type of design is ever-evolving to the current trends. Also, it tends to emphasize space, color, lines, and shape. When it comes to colors this design styles focus on black, white, and neutrals. Black is mostly the grounding color while neutrals can be used in other elements. Several unique countertops have a neutral color that can fit perfectly in your kitchen or bathroom. For instance beige, taupe and white are warm neutrals that can fit in a contemporary style design. 

Example: Grigio Londra 

Unique Quartz countertops for contemporary design

This grey color stone is famous for its contemporary look. It bestows any space with attractive minimalistic design and calm aesthetics. You can use the stone in any space, be it in a residential or commercial property. 

2. Bohemian

What keeps this interior design style trendy is that you can add a personal touch to your space. Achieving this look means that you color beyond the lines, make it random when you are layering the art and the textiles. Boho spaces are rich in color that’s why you can choose unique quartz countertops such as hot pink. It is a random color that you can play around with by customizing it. Moreso, it will make a statement in your kitchen.

Example: Rubby Star 

This stone is a bold bohemian example with a bright red background and dark grey specks. The appearance of the quartz variety can instantly add style and glamour. 

3. Traditional

Traditional interior design is different for every homeowner. However, it is inspired by the mid-European 18th and 19th-century styles. It is a good style for individuals who love elements that are rich in history but are arranged harmoniously. For unique quartz countertops that will blend with this design style, then camel and creamy color will complement it. Fusing dark wood tones for flooring and cabinetry will make the space inviting. 

Example: Titan Bristall 

This stone spreads earthy feel and traditional vibes with its dark beige grainy background. The quartz stone is highly durable and heat resistant. Hence, it suits any application such as countertops and vanity tops in homes and offices. 

4. Vintage

As the name suggests it involves the use of old decorative elements to create a harmonious yet elegant space. You can have vintage furniture, accents, curtains, and other items. Each of these will create a character. You can add unique quartz countertops colors such as soft grey and cream. These low-key hues will create a welcoming feeling.

Example: Yukon Crema 

Quartz countertops for vintage interior style

The quartz stone flaunts a light cream color that makes any space look elegant. The darker flakes surrounded all over add another level of aesthetics to your interiors. Use it for the kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity top, it will stay young for decades. 

5. Industrial

An industrial design style is usually said to be more for city dwellers. However, you can incorporate this design style in any space. It is usually characterized by open space, silver hues, metal, and wood. Deep mixed color is a good choice for a quartz countertop. It can work great in an open layout making it the focal point of the kitchen. 

Example: Eclipse 

Unique quartz countertops for industrial look

If you love the grey tones that can create a stunning modern look, then this quartz is one of the wonderful options. It’s appearance provides a royal look. It works great as backsplash, countertops, flooring, etc. 

Imperial Vanities – Looking For Custom Options? 

Imperial Vanities is one of the most sought after quartz manufacturers and prefab quartz countertop suppliers and exporters. You can even order our prefab products in bulk. 

We offer a huge variety of unique quartz countertops. They resemble natural stone and are versatile enough to elevate any kind of interior. More so, we can effortlessly complement these unique quartz design choices. We offer highly customized solutions that are tailored as per your project. 

Get in touch with Imperial Vanities to get the best kind of quartz color, finish, size and thickness you are looking for! 

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    We are Happy to help you!