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Mitered Edge Countertops

Whenever you redesign your kitchen, you want to have Mitered Edge Countertops with a seamless design, properly cut edges, stainless pieces of marble or granite countertop, and many other things. While you may focus on buying the best countertop for your kitchen, you may fail to consider what kind of edging and polishing needs to go along with them in order to make them look properly furnished. To know the popular and most in-demand edging style for quartz countertops, refer to this blog.

Knowing about the popular edges, in this blog, we will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and uses of in-demand edges in various applications that will give your countertops the kind of look and appreciation they deserve. Before moving further!

Edges of Quartz Countertops

What is Mitered Edge Format?

The top quartz kitchen countertop area is joined to a lower, flat fraction of the countertop by mitering the two parts at 45-degree angles and fusing them together. This creates a seamless, flawless 90-degree edge. When combined with a waterfall panel, a mitered edge profile gives the impression of a thicker slab of granite or stone. You can ask an expert countertop supplier like Imperial Vanities to add a mitered edge profile to your quartz edges, which is different from a square edge. You can select an apron size of 2 to 6 cm—the apron is the component that hangs down vertically. The thickness of an apron increases its impression. Another option is a mitered edge countertop, which provides a rounded appearance where the two pieces meet.  Know more about Mitered Edge Countertops in detail through this blog.

Benefits of Countertop  

  1. Enhances the aesthetics of a kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Gives the appearance of being thicker or leads to the edge of a waterfall.
  3. Less expensive than a brand-new piece of marble, granite, or another material.
  4. Provides a statement or focal point for the space.
  5. Pairs well with both traditional and modern styles.
  6. Simple to maintain and clean countertop. 

Disadvantages of Countertops

  1. More costly than a regular edge
  2. Needs a knowledgeable countertop installer
  3. The cabinets underneath must support the additional countertop material.
Edges of Quartz Countertops

Uses of Mitered Edge Countertops 

Different edge format countertops come with different applications and use. Anyone who considers getting mitered edge countertops must realize whether they are making the right choice or not.

Both the kitchen and bathroom have mitered edge countertops. Its design feature gives the room a point of reference and contrast. Mitered edges can be used to extend a countertop to the ground with a cascade panel, or to create a seamless transition between countertops of varying heights.

A regular mitered edge has a clear 90-degree angle, while an alleviated mitered edge has a somewhat rounded corner. You should consider both types before making a decision because even a small difference in the detailing can have a significant impact.

Thus, if you want to create a flawless kitchen design, you can rely on  Imperial Vanities edge format countertops. We are experts in the countertop manufacturing and supplying industry, and know what kind of edging will be suitable. Apart from mitered edges, we will do any other formatting that your quartz edges need to fulfill your ‘dream kitchen customization. Contact us to know more about our services. 

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    We are Happy to help you!