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calacatta quartz

Quartz has risen up to be known as one of the most popular stones for interior decor. It is stylish, beautiful, durable and can easily blend with any theme.  One of the most popular varieties of quartz is Calacatta quartz. The best Quartz Countertop Manufacturer is Imperial Vanities. It is a stunning stone that has a white background constituting thick blue veins and patterns. However, the patterns and the veining can vary in terms of colour from the traditional blue to grey to brown shades. All the colours are stunning and can make a stylish statement in any space. 

Calacatta quartz is durable, easy to maintain, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, white quartz surface. All these features make it a great piece to be used in various places such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room or other spaces.

It is an elegant piece, that will make the architects and interior designers get to fall in love with is Calacatta Verona quartz stone. The Calacatta Verona, Santuario and Santuario Verona are all similar varieties of Calacatta quartz. It comes in a white base and resembles white marble. 

Imperial Vanities is a leading prefabricated Quartz Countertop Manufacturer and deal in bulk exports of Quartz. They have a variety of quartz surfaces, but before buying this exquisite collection of Calcatta Quartz Stone it’s better to get to know more about it.

Applications of Unique Calacatta Quartz By Quartz Countertop Manufacturer | Imperial Vanities

As mentioned earlier Calacatta Quartz slabs can be applied in a plethora of spaces. Applying them in any remodeling or construction project can turn its overall look. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Backsplash

Does Calacatta quartz slabs make a great fit to be used as a backsplash? The answer is simply “Yes”. It is not only durable in nature. It is devoid of grout lines that trap dirt and moisture. Because of this stains will not leave any marks on the wall and the best part is that it is quick and easy to clean and maintain. 

The beauty and uniqueness of Calacatta quartz mean that this stone can make a fine statement, whether used in the kitchen or bathroom. You can also make a featured wall from this quartz slab. The white background can go all the way to the ceiling to make a fine statement. Consult the best quartz stone suppliers to achieve this design.

Calacatta quartz slabs

2. Cladding

Walls receive the least amount of attention in any space because they require low maintenance. Wall cladding with quartz can be exceptionally special for wet areas such as the restroom or kitchen. It will not only absorb moisture but is stain resistant like other materials. Also, it is perfect to use in the living space where there is high traffic because it requires less maintenance and it will not scratch when items are pushed against it. 

Quartz Wall cladding

Unique Calacatta Verona quartz can be customized to fit the preference of your client’s needs. If your client is looking for a modem theme, you can opt for a quartz slab that is large to achieve a sleek look. You can get inspiration from Kendall Jenner’s cladding the white background of quartz blends naturally to the theme.

Kendall Jenner's Home Decor

3. Kitchen Islands

Quartz islands look great in any kitchen. They stand out because they are low in maintenance, can make a statement, durable in nature and can increase the home value. When you choose Calacatta quartz you are going to transform a kitchen space into something elegant. The white background gives a luxurious feel and it can blend well with Calacatta white quartz cabinets. 

Quartz Countertop Manufacturer

4. Bath Basin

A bath basin in any restroom is often small since its main purpose is to wash hands. But it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be luxurious. How about making the bath basin special by using unique Calacatta quartz? A client will love the look and feel of it.  Also, you can make it stand out, by customizing it into a customer’s preferred shape and size. 

Manufacturer of Quartz Countertop

Find The Best Calacatta Quartz Countertop Manufacturer | Imperial Vanities

Imperial Vanities, is one of the leading Quartz Countertop Manufacturer and fabricated quartz suppliers, offer premium quality Calacatta Quartz kitchen countertops and other quartz surfaces and posses countless varieties to choose from. 

We are also well-known about quartz stone exporters with our products reaching different parts of the globe. We have quartz fans not just in India but across the world. Whether you are an architect or an interior designer, we are here to help you succeed in your groundbreaking projects with our customized solutions. For any further queries, contact us! 

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